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1. The volunteers will have a good chance to explore the stunning nature of the village and the surrounding area, such as mountains, waterfall and hot spring . 2. They can taste a lot of delicious local food which is always available the whole week at different markets in our community. 3. They can use this chance as an opportunity for the kids in the village to meet with amazing people from all around the world. And many more.

My name is Ansari. I used to be a government officer but I found my job unchallenging, so I quit. Then I started my nursery school where I accept only ten kids and there are two baby sitters and a cook. I also organize after-school English classes for the kids in my community to join if they are interested in. So the volunteers can also join the classes if they want to. We are open-minded and friendly people. We love to meet volunteers and make friend with people from all around the world. We respect their culture and opinion and would be happy if they want to share them with us. As villagers, we are always kind to one another and of course to our volunteers. We are always willing to help when never it is needed. So we would try our best to help our volunteers with anything they want, just to make sure that they will have a good time staying here with us. We are all human beings and are deserved to be treated nicely.


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I can't describe how incredibly great this experience was! Working with the children is simply fulfilling, they’re more than adorable. Ansari and his family are incredibly good hearted, courteous and obliging people and hosts. You will feel like in a second family, and the only sad part will be the farewell.
Can recommend this project to everyone in any way. Nothing could‘ve been better.
Thank you so much for this amazing unforgettable experience ☺️

9 days ago



If you go to this place, make sure he will provide you everything he is offering.
I came there only because it would probably be a really nice experience teaching English for kids. Because the city itself has nothing to offer. I got there on Friday and Monday was a holiday. He told me we would meet on Tuesday. He was supposed to provide me lunch and dinner everyday of my stay. When I got there he told me I would have free food only the days I’m working.

The room was so hot, 3 fans were not enough. I was sweating the whole time. The house has no sink to brush your teeth or do the dishes.

about 1 month ago

Ansari replied

We are so sad because of this review. Since we have hosted on this platform, this is the first time we've got a complain about all those little things.

1. About meals provided; we go through​ the WP website​ and when we choose "lunch​ provided", the part that says "You are entitled to a free lunch, every day​ of your stay" would​ appear automatically. We couldn't​ change by ourselves. It comes​ from the website​ system.

But again, it was our fault that we didn't​ tell you from the first time. We have to apologize.

2. The room is hot, but to say three fans couldn't help is clearly exagerating.​ We have hosted many volunteers​ over years, no one has ever complained about that. Instead, they could adapt themselves with it and focus on the more important​ things.

3. We don't have a sink for you to brush your teeth and wash the dishes, but there are places in the house that you can do those things without making your life misirable.

Number 2 and 3 is how we live here in our village and we believe​ that our volunteer​s could learn from it.

However, we would see the positive side on this review. So volunteers who want to join us, please make sure that you could stay with us in spite all those little things.😄



Amazing experience! Super rewarding in everyway. Ansari and his family are soooo nice, they make us feel home and always caring about us! Like a second family! The kids are soo sweet and always ready to learn more and more. It was better than I could ever imagine. Part of my heart is in Khuan Don ❤

over 2 years ago

United States


The experience with the children was amazing. The kids wanted to learn so much and it was a very rewarding experience. Challenging at times but rewarding

over 2 years ago



Work teaching English for a kids who lives in a comfortable economic situation. These classes happens after the regular school time and it brings to you the first challenge: catch their attention and make a fun and productive class.
The kids are amazing, polite, respectfully, absolutely smart and well...they are simply lovely. with age between five and nine years old, I need to say that it's very easy to work with them and Ansari will give to you all materials necessary to develop a nice class.

Any doubt that you might have it's just text me, will be a pleasure to give any further information

almost 3 years ago

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