Baanda Nursery

1. The volunteers will have a good chance to explore the stunning nature of the village and the surrounding area, such as mountains, waterfall and hot spring .
2. They can taste a lot of delicious local food which is always available the whole week at different markets in our community.
3. They can use this chance as an opportunity for the kids in the village to meet with amazing people from all around the world.
And many more.

My name is Ansari. I used to be a government officer but I found my job unchallenging, so I quit. Then I started my nursery school where I accept only ten kids and there are two baby sitters and a cook. I also organize after-school English classes for the kids in my community to join if they are interested in. So the volunteers can also join the classes if they want to. We are open-minded and friendly people. We love to meet volunteers and make friend with people from all around the world. We respect their culture and opinion and would be happy if they want to share them with us. As villagers, we are always kind to one another and of course to our volunteers. We are always willing to help when never it is needed. So we would try our best to help our volunteers with anything they want, just to make sure that they will have a good time staying here with us. We are all human beings and are deserved to be treated nicely.

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It’s quite hard to find where to start, but to summarise it easily it was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve done. Ansari, his wife and the babysitters were very welcoming and made me really feel apart of the family. The children’s English skills were beyond amazing being able easily to have a full conversation with them. Ansari made everything so easily accessible for me, giving me information on all the local sights and educating me on the area. Seeing how much the children loved their faith and talking to Ansari, really helped me myself learn more about my faith. Thank you Ansari.

11 days ago



Baanda Nursery is an exceptional school! They have a great educational system to kids from 1-5 years. By this age they are able to communicate in english very well. They also teach nature awareness, everyday they go to somewhere different in the nature to let kids play. I am lucky to be part of this education. I wish they all have the opportunity to keep practicing it. Ansari, Maria, Yuwata, with his team community made me feel very welcome, always with respect. I felt comfortable to teach and share with kids and others. The kids were lovely and respectful, they enjoy the classes so much.

about 1 month ago



My heart is full with this experience. Thank you Ansari, Maria, Weeta, Dear and Sunah. I learned a lot during this time about education, children, religion, food, etc. The classes were enjoyable, the children were adorable and very smart. When you join them in play, you feel like a child again!

It's a perfect experience for someone who wants to be in a quiet place, away from tourism and share with locals.

The food they provided us with is delicious!
If I needed something, they were ALWAYS willing to help and were very flexible. Also,they always had recommendations for places or a plan!

2 months ago



One of the best experiences of my life as a traveler!

I just have to thank Ansari, Maria and the whole nursery team for everything they did during this time together. You were really amazing!

The routine and activities are very pleasant and the place where we stayed is great. You also have good options for going out and exploring the region.

The kids are very kind and friendly, which makes everything more enjoyable and fun. They learn English very well thanks to the methods adopted.

I will miss these people, this place, the delicious food and every moment I spent here!

2 months ago



I had an amazing time at Baanda Nursery and highly recommended this experience. The kids are so smart and so eager to learn and practice english. The school is a lovely environment to be in and I felt so welcomed by Ansari, Maria and everyone at the Nursery. They also provide you with a bike to get around and there are a couple beautiful waterfalls scattered around as well as some nature walks. I was lucky enough to be volunteering at the same time as someone else, and made a great friend from the experience. The accomodation is not far from the nursery and very comfortable. Thankyou!

6 months ago

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