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Very goooooood, very niiiiiiiice! Cinnamon Sally is a big family! I loved everything about it and every single day I was there. The people there are just amazing! The only bad part is to go home after spending such a beautiful time there :(

Shout-out to Arta and Kristiāna the best managers ever :)

hace 16 días



When I arrived at first I felt automatically welcome from the host and all my future colleagues. The hostel's atmosphere made me feel like home even though this is way different from my house.

Don't hesitate to communicate with them, if you need anything; just ask! They are very attentive and they will do their best so that you're feeling good and comfortable!

I highly recommend this hostel, for many reasons such as its security, its location, and the good time you can share with people; your colleagues and with the guests! It was very pleasant

hace 1 mes



I loved my stay with Cinnamon Sallys. I absolutely understand why it is the top hostel in Riga with its location, atmosphere and vibe. The layout of the hostel is perfect for socialization because the common room is the heart of hostel and brings everyone together which made it so easy to make new friends to enjoy your free time with. The work was also nice and varied. I got new tasks everyday so not a day was similar to the other. Ollie and Julius are super nice and great bosses! I am going to miss my time here :)

hace 7 meses



I can definitely recommend this place to other volunteers!
Right from the beginning I felt very welcomed and I really liked the open communication with Julius and Oliver. They always made sure I feel comfortable with my tasks.
Moreover I really enjoyed the social atmosphere in the common room!
You will meet a lot of nice and interesting people and have some fun evenings together. :)
Don‘t miss the opportunity to volunteer at this hostel!

hace 9 meses