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We are a young couple running a Nature and Dogs company. We live deep in Nature but just 2 km from Albisola Superiore (7.000 people village on Mediterrean Sea), 7 km from Savona (60.000 people city with all service needed). We menage a Dog Hotel and a Dog training center in our propriety that has 10.000sqm of garden and 70.000 sqm of hills forest. We are looking for people that has experience or big willing to learn about few duties like: - Dog Care - Gardening - Wood works - Constructions - Welding - General Maintenance We accept only people with this skills for at least one month stay, looking for people that may became part of our main staff. We request 25hours help per week and we offer accommodation (sharing room or caravan) and food money. Please feel free to contact us if you can match with this, it could be a great opportunity! Elisa and Marco

We love to work in pleasure conditions, with friendly people around that share with us the goals of the company and our nature lifestyle. We always share the working time with helpers and we belive that anybody can teach something, so we are very open mind to listen to everybody opinion and than take the best choice all togheter.

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Marco and Elisa were excellent hosts.
They were flexible, respectful and always ready to listen, they made me feel really welcome during my stay. Cooper will not only connect you to nature but will also teach you a new way of living and being. the mountain that surrounds cooper is truly mystical, full of mysteries and objects lost in time. you will also learn valuable lessons on how to manage feelings of desolation and fixing things you never thought you could fix.
You will still be able to enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle with the land and the animals...
cooper has a piece of my heart

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El lugar es hermoso, Marco, Elisa, Bea, cooper, Pipo excelente familia, estás a 20 minutos caminando Del Mar, desventajas es que sin transporte es difícil salir de noche.
En cualquier momento vuelvo a pasar un verano 🎉🎊

hace 1 mes



Great experience in Cooper 313, Marco and Elisa are very kind and the whole team too. You take the bus or the bike and in five minutes you are enjoying in the beach, there are so many places to visit around I really enjoyed my stay here, thanks guys. Hope to see you again :)

hace 3 meses



Cooper 313 es una experiencia increíble, me encantó cada minuto que estuve ahí, tanto el staff fijo, que son Marco, Elisa y Rosario, como los voluntarios, además de Bea, Cooper y Pipo crean un ambiente de colaboración muy bueno. Un lugar que está a 20 minutos de la playa aproximadamente, entonces después de trabajar te escapas a descansar. Para la alimentación te entregan un monto que está súper bien y para mi fue mucho mejor porque tengo varias restricciones alimentarias y a la mitad de tu jornada puedes incluso comer focaccia con un café!
Molte grazie Cooper 313! Ci vediamo presto :)

hace 5 meses

Marco respondido

Gracias a Macarena por la compania y lo aiudo! She melt very well with everybody and the place, it has been a pleasure for us! All the best =)



Tuve muy buena experiencia en el voluntariado. Marco y Elisa son personas maravillosas, están dispuestos a compartir un poco de su tiempo con nosotros y tienen un lugar precioso con mucho potencial. Los horarios de trabajo y días libres son respetados y puedes aprovechar de conocer un poco de la región que es increíble

hace 6 meses

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