Permaculture Farm Bogata Šuma

You are welcome on our permaculture family homestead in the green hills of Croatia!
We are looking for nature lovers who want to learn all about setting up a sustainable and self sufficient life in the countryside. People that can stay for 4 weeks or longer, or even want to stay "forever" in a nice spot on our 12 hectares.
Your first week will be a practical permaculture and sustainable living course from permaculture teacher Barbara Scheltus. After this week you can stay for another 3-99 weeks as a volunteer, and go more in depth with the subjects that interest you the most.

We live a simple, healthy, holistic lifestyle as practical realists. We use permaculture principles to develop our terrain and our life. We care for the earth, for the people around us, for the future and we like to share our abundance with you.
Our vision is to grow our homestead into a community-village in an edible landscape. We are growing a village so that together we can live more self sufficient/independent, share tools, tasks, good meals and stories and celebrate the good life.

On our homestead you can learn about permaculture and how to implement practical permaculture solutions in life. You can learn about self sufficiency and how to setup a homestead. How to design a low maintenance garden, using animals for certain tasks, scything grass and making hay, wine making, fermenting, 7 ways of composting...
Our food forest (started in 2015) is almost mature, the food savanna is getting more and more diverse and the camp ground is turning into an edible landscape.

We live a simple but abundant, mostly self sufficient life off the land. We love to prepare delicious dishes with ingredients from the garden, the terrain and our stable. We like to make our own (sourdough) bread, crackers, cookies, wine, beer, jams, syrups, sauerkraut, yogurt, mayonnaise, kimchi & kefir. Our son Nol (19) is on his pathway to become a chef.
We collect various (medicinal) herbs for the kitchen, for tea, tinctures and oils. We make our own cosmetic products and cleaning products and we'll share with you how to do this.

We live with quite some animals: 5 cats (mouse & squirrel catchers), 2 dogs (for fun and to guard the other animals), 5 sheep and 6 lambs (grass mowers, tree pruners, wool producers and meat supply), various amounts of rabbits (manure producers and meat) and chickens (compost turners, bug hunters, for eggs & meat), bees (but we are newbie beekeepers) and soon also ducks and geese or turkeys. And Barbara wants a peacock.

You can help us (4-5 hours per day, 5 days a week, for at least 3 weeks after the introduction course) with construction work, furniture making, cooking (when you are a professional), the garden, making the camp site more beautiful and turning the terrain into an edible landscape according to our permaculture designs. The garden needs a fence, the paths need wood chips mulch, we can do some pruning, taking care of the (polyculture, no dig) garden, the forest garden or the food savanna, composting and mulching with various methods, and you can help us with everyday's tasks. Like taking care of the animals, making jam/juice/wine, collecting seeds/mushrooms, hunting bugs, collecting & chopping fire wood...

Please write a personal message (to Peter and Barbara) about you, what you want to learn, why, what we can learn from you, your skills and your dream future, so we can setup a good stay for you.
We normally get more than 400 requests a year so you need to make it personal with your motivation!

You need a certain amount of independence, curiosity, flexibility and fun and don't mind dirty hands and cats on your lap. If you eat vegan or you are afraid of nature (lots of insects and spiders here) or to break a nail, please do not apply.  There are usually more volunteers, but it depends on the season, the quality of the requests and our budget. We don't regard you as a cheap worker; if we need workers we will call our neighbors. For us volunteers bring fun, a rhythm in our day, cultural exchange, recipes, games, music and new ideas. We are also interested in the culture and politics of your home country. Every Friday we evaluate the week so a feedback circle is organised. We welcome you as you and we don't appreciate advocates for a battle that doesn't need to be fought here. Who you are matters for us; not what colours your skin has, what gender you identify with or who you prefer in your bed. That is not an issue here. We have hosted warriors who dominate the atmosphere with what others can or cannot say. We enjoy a light atmosphere and we might not be "politically correct" because we don't believe in politics. We believe in us all being humans and caring for the world.


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Meeting Barbara, Peter, Nol, Fleur, and all the wonderful cats, dogs, and chickens at Bogata Suma was an enriching experience. I felt like I was a part of the family. The knowledge I received is something I will definitely be implementing in my own personal life. This was definitely my favorite volunteer experience, and I hope to return again one day.

hace 28 días

Nueva Zelandia


Peter, Barbara, Noel and Fleur,
Thank you for opening your home and farm and forest for me to be experience.
I really enjoyed trying to master the wood fired oven and cooking eating and having a few drinking together.
A great collaborative experience with Noel who was open and engaged in learning and sharing new cooking experiences.
This was my first volunteering experience and was lucky to have been involved with such a nice family and also to meet there great friends who I worked on a few small projects with.
That's you Tom, Werner and Stephan

hace 2 meses

Nueva Zelandia


I had a wonderful month at Bogata Suma, spending time learning, gardening and relaxing in nature. The property is beautiful, the food is delicious, and having my own bus to sleep in was a treat after so much time on the road! I ended up being the only volunteer (unusual) so did sometimes miss interacting with people my own age, but it was also really nice spending more time with the family who are very welcoming and friendly 🙂. I really enjoyed working with Barbara, and her enthusiasm and positivity is a joy to see!

hace 4 meses



I’m glad of time spent in this beautiful place, getting positive energy for myself in a natural environment.
Thanks to Bogata Šuma’s family for gave me the feeling to be at home. I arrived as a volunteer and I leaved as a friend.
Good luck for the future

hace 6 meses



I was happy to learn about the concepts of permaculture and sustainable living in this experience. Schedules are very flexible and activities are enjoyable. The food is exceptional! Nol is a great cook and cooking enthusiast, always coming up with amazing meals! I thank the whole family for welcoming me during the experience.

hace 6 meses

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