Racing Mackerel Hostel

We're a small family run hostel in the city center of historical Lagos. We would need help with the general upkeep of the apartment. We'll also need help with some reception duties. It isn't a lot of work so you can have free time to enjoy the beaches that are within walking distance, go surfing in nearby Sagres, or enjoy our small cobblestoned streets. Nightlife in Lagos is also a big draw! In the summer, the city is full of backpackers and young travellers looking for the laidback Portuguese lifestyle and they all know how to party.

As I said before, we're a small family run place. The family business is split up between two companies. There's us (Tiago and Bianca) at the Hostel and Tiago's brother, Andre and his business partner Pedro in the adventure tourism side of things. We're a close knit bunch who love to spend time with each other, travelling together, cooking dinners, and just enjoying our lives here. You can expect much of the same treatment as we'll quickly take you in and you'll be one of us. Between us all, we're fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French and always learning something new.

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This was my first time with Worldpackers and it was great! The hostel feels like home and it’s pretty small so you have a lot of time to enjoy Lagos. The hostel is in the center so everything is close. Bianca and Tiago are great and really nice people. Thank you!!!

4 meses atrás


My experience at Racing Mackerel was much better than I could imagine. Bianca and Tiago are wonderful people, they helped me to get to know the city, with recommendations and everything I needed. After the time I spent in Lagos the feeling is to leave a piece of house behind. I think that's the best part. The hostel is very well equipped and comfortable, you can make lots of friends and have plenty of time to discover the city. In addition, Princess Leia, the cutest dog in town. No doubt about it, I'll be back as soon as possible :)

11 meses atrás


I enjoyed my stay so much, already want to go back:(
Bianca and Tiago were very nice!
The hostel is pretty small, so my job was quite easy, most of the time I could do my own things.
Bianca or Tiago always helped me if I needed anything.
Thank you guys! Hope to see you one day again :)

11 meses atrás


AMAZING! Tiago and Bianca are just awesome, had the best time during my stay in Lagos with them. They were so nice and with a really cool vibe. Also the guys from Volta do Mar were so good to me! really going to miss every one. Ps sending all my love to Leia <3 Thank you!

12 meses atrás


This trip was my first time traveling with Worldpackers and it was an amazing experience! Bianca and Tiago are great and they are there for you if you need anything. Also the hostel feels like home and it's very safe and clean. About the working part it was great as well, because the hostel is not that big, so you don't get too tired and still have a lot of time to enjoy the city. In this trip I met a lot of people and I had an amazing time! I already miss Bianca, Tiago, Jordan, the hostel and Lagos!

1 año atrás

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