Help us run a big, cosy hostel in the heart of Aarhus! :)

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Es un gran lugar, organizado y acogedor. El equipo de trabajo es amable y siempren desean que la experiencia sea la mejor posible.
Monise hace una gran organización de los voluntarios y supervisa con guía constante a los nuevos integrantes.
Desde Danhostel se puede caminar hasta las principales atracciones de la ciudad.

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La experiencia de voluntaria fue muy placentera. Muy cuidada y acompañada. La verdad que el país es increíble e igual el hostel y si gente. Está todo muy organizado y siempre hay alguien para ayudarte. Está ubicado en un punto único para conocer toda la ciudad.
Lo súper recomiendo

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Fue increíble, el lugar queda en todo el centro. Y Aarhus está lleno de vida todos los días, así que diversión no te faltará. En verano hay muchos voluntarios, vas a tener la oportunidad de conocer a personas de muchos lados del mundo y aprender obre u cultura. El personal del Hostel es realmente amable🤩✨, las tareas son sencillas y recomiendo 100% este voluntariado si quieres sumergirte en la cultura danesa

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DanHostel Aarhus was a great experience for meeting new friends internationally! However, I would say that most of your welcome & 99% of training is done by the other volunteers. All volunteers were super friendly and grateful to have made so many new friends! But I wish that the Hostel staff and owners were more welcoming and involved with the volunteers. I was also not expecting for almost the entire hostel to be run by volunteers (except for reception) so it was a lot of responsibility. If you are alright with working quite hard to meet international friends I would recommend!

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I had a really good time at Danhostel; the people were really friendly, Aarhus is a nice city to be in, and the location right in the middle of town is great. It was nice having breakfast and lunch provided, and dinner was usually provided or else we cooked.
A few things to note: it's as much a hotel as a hostel, and there's not a great area to chill out and make friends with guests like many hostels have. Fri & Sat nights outside the dorm window can be loud. Finally, the work is almost all cleaning and housekeeping, not bartending or reception. Overall I liked it though

hace 13 días

Danhostel respondido

Hi Joe, thanks a lot for coming to help us!

We really appreciated having him here, he was always willing to help and always had some good insights and suggestions to improve the routine and daily tasks.

We highly recommend :)



It's impossible not to fall in love with Aarhus, if you want a true Danish experience and also have fun, this is the right place!! The hostel is in the middle of the town, which helps a lot!

They have a nice infrastructure for the volunteers, breakfast/lunch was amazing, and dinner we usually cooked for ourselves. They respect the work hours that were asked in the position, and when the volunteer team was complete it was chill and we still had time to enjoy the city.

Something I wish they can change to improve even more the experience is more hired personnel in all areas of the hostel.

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Aarhus is abeautiful city that gives you all the great opportunities. I met some amazing people and loved that the hostel was right in the middle of everything. The staff was super friendly and always open for a chat :)

Nevertheless there are some points to be improved:
-The volunteers are in charge of nearly all the cleaning without being suffiently trained
-We were not allowed to sit inside the room where breakfast was served
-Only lunch is served. The volunteers were in charge of the dinner
-I, personally, would have appreciated more recognition of our work by the top manager!

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A very good experience overall. I had to leave earlier and I only stayed for a week, however it was more than enough time for me to say that Monise and the staff, here including the volunteers were really nice and welcoming. There is some work to do (housekeeping and cleaning) although I believe you learn to manage it all in those 5 hours. The city is pretty chill and overall I enjoyed this experience.

hace 25 días



Great experience overall.
The city is very charming, and other international volunteers will welcome you creating a very friendly ambiance.
Just about the work: you will only be doing housekeeping and cleaning (bartending and cooking aren’t a position for volunteers)
Another thing to be aware of: there are mostly no paid workers, so volunteers are in absolute responsibility for the cleaning and housekeeping.

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Good experience overall. Things to know before going to dan hostel: bartending is not a position , for reception they all ready have staff from denmark (very cool people) so it’s not really an option either, the same with the cooking, so basically you’ll be doing housekeeping. The staff is very nice, but sometimes there’s a LOT of work and the volunteers are not enough but they don’t hire people to do that job so you might have to work more, they expect from you to do a great job even if you have no experience. Apart from that, i’ve met amazing people and learned a lot a long the way.

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