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As my first volunteering was an incredible experience, I met people with a beautiful heart, we had a great cultural exchange, the location and the place is great and welcoming, I would like to return soon 🤍

19 days ago



My experience in the hostel was amazing!! I met amazing people who are going to be in my heart forever. The location and the installation are very good!!! We have food during the day and the breakfast is perfect!! I would like to come back

22 days ago



Even though I decided to leave earlier than I planned, I'm glad to spend time with volunteers. Aarhus is a beautiful the hostel. The manager Lilian gave us Christmas danish gifts. The receptionist Sia helped me a lot. The tasks were simple. But it wasn't easy to help guests so often. Guests couldn't check in and they tried to call but no one answered it and they asked us for help. It was hard for me and I felt a worker supposed to be there ignored us. I like the big kitchen. Despite of the limited food options, it was fun to share international cuisine. But I couldn't stand cold showers.

23 days ago



The volunteers are the best!!! the hostel is beautiful, small and with a lot of nature,. The hostel only cares about work been done so expect to be treated as so, with not much empathy. Food is limited, during my lasts weeks we spend almost the 7 days without food supply arriving. No good communication between the head and volunteers which lead to misunderstandings. No clarity in your duties and rights, so every volunteer had different ideas of what they were expected to do. No hot water in volunteers bathroom. Other volunteers and me decided to leave earlier do to conditions of living.

30 days ago

Danhostel replied

Thanks, I have to tell that it is the volunteer who have to tell when to order food, so if they don´t say anything, they will run out. It is a business, at as a volunteer you have to work 25 hours a week for staying her. You are the only one who decided to leave before time, and you
did´t communicate it. If you have something you don´t like we expect you to come and communicate it, so we know.




My experience at the hostel was positive, the relationship with the other volunteers was immediately created, and became good friends. The working hours have always been complied throughout my stay, and the tasks are quite easy to manage and fulfil. The hotel manager Lilian was immediately a really helpful and pragmatic person, who gave me the opportunity to change the hostel I previously worked at. There was never a shortage of food at the hostel, food was bought by hostel manager Lilian on weekly basis, and you have the kitchen and all facilities available whenever you need. I recommend!

2 months ago



The best thing about this Hostel is definitely the location, you're close to everything! I had a great experience with the other volunteers and some workers. The tasks were pretty simple and easy, and you almost always finished before the 5 hours, but you should know, besides the tasks announced, you'll also take care of rabbits (the hostel is trying control bed bugs, so for now they have rabbits for that).

4 months ago



I loved my stay at the hostel, the staff were very friendly and welcoming, working hours were respected, and there was good communication. Aarhus is a the hostel with many things to do, I had a lot of fun with the group of volunteers! I recommend this experience :D

4 months ago



I had a great month at the hostel. The others volunteers were really nice and they became my friends really fast. They welcome me at the hostel spend time during meal or evening all together. The hours and the tasks of the job are the same as I expected.

4 months ago



I had amazing five weeks at Dan Hostel the hostel collaborating with Karen their Marketing Director on all things related SoMe. I really enjoyed my time there and would like to congratulate Lilian the manager for her leadership and the Danish receptionists for their charm and coolness. Met a lot of fellow Latinos with whom I shared a room and many experiences and meals and had enough time to explore the beautiful Aarhus during my leisure time! Super recommended! <3

7 months ago



It was my first experience being volunteer and it was amazing. No wonder the best thing is I met people from different countries and I could have nice time with them. Receptionists always tried to help us, even whit my english level that is not the best they always tried to understand me and have nice talks to improve it. I would recommend the hostel totally

10 months ago

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