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All the work will be done using old techniques and we'll gladly provide you the knowledge of what is beeing done. Minimum time of stay: 17 days.

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I was there from the 21 to 31 of October. The things I would love to had known where, that there is no self-phone service, no warm water, and had the possibility to have no running water (drought). I left because of 2 things, working more that we agreed on (goat days), and the feeling I didn’t belong (/feeling judge). At the end discussion, they ended up calling me a liar, and being to proud, because of the way I travel, and how I approached people about it. The things I loved/miss are the goats, Libra, did I already said goats? Can’t elaborate much as there is a limit, feel free to contact me

3 meses atrás


Marta and Fernando are absolutely wonderful. I learned a lot while there, Fernando and Marta were very willing to share their knowledge and insights on a number of topics and it was a great experience for me. They are upfront with their expectations which was nice.
I worked as a shepherd, and while it was a bit of a shock at first, but an open mind and willingness to learn is all you need. The position said 5h/day when I applied, but I worked over 6 on average. It really wasn't a problem for me, because I loved it, but note that your day depends on the goats. I highly recommend going here!

7 meses atrás

Acerca de Quinta da Bazágueda

  • Alojado por Fernando

  • Nuevo
    Recientemente en linea
  • Tasa de respuesta: 70%
  • tasa de tiempo: Menos de un día

Sobre el anfitrión

If you want to have a strong experience of a day to day live in a traditional farm and see for yourself how to take care of most task almost not in use anymore in "industrial" farms! Quinta da Bazágueda is a very ancient farm. It's a farm, in it's true meaning, not a house with a garden or little field with crops. Beeing an ancient farm, it has very basic acomodation. The houses are from the 16th century or older, so they are cold in winter...

Sobre el anfitrión