The best tools to recruit the perfect Worldpackers

Become a Host

Recruiting tools to save you time and help you find the right person

Application Requirements

You will only receive requests from travelers with the right age and language, as defined by you. You also set the minimum time to stay and available dates for receiving volunteers.

Profile and Reviews

Worldpacker traveler profiles are complete with information about their travel and work experience, skills and personality.

Chat, attachments and video

Chat, accept and decline a traveler's application in a few clicks. You can also ask for the traveler to record a video for you with the application or attach a file (such as a CV).

Android and iOS mobile apps

Our mobile app for Hosts make it easier and faster to answer requests. Download our app and find the perfect volunteer whilst on the go.


Rules to ensure traveler commitment


Trip Confirmation

When volunteers confirm their stay, you'll have an official agreement (and not just a text message). Know exactly to which volunteer position they've agreed to and their arrival and departure dates.

Worldpackers Fee

Our travelers pay us a fee to contact hosts. And it's also a great way to make sure they'll show up and do what was agreed with you.

No spammy applications

We value your time so travelers can only make a limited amount of application every day. This encourages them to take their time and think hard about where they really want to apply.

A proper profile for a proper Host

Volunteer Positions

Clearly present the open positions you have. Create as many volunteer positions as you need, whether you need 2 for the same job or several with different skills, availabilities and requirements.

Profile tags

Whether your place is great for partying, business or nature, let our travelers know by using our profile tags.


Former volunteers leave public reviews of their experience on your profile.


Tools for volunteer team management



Plan your team knowing when each volunteer will be arriving/leaving each position

Easy to change

Create new positions, change your availabilities or requirements, close positions. Easy & Simple.

An inbox for all your applications

Know who's applying to which position, their dates and conversation status at a quick glance. Filter your inbox by New Travelers, Confirmed Travelers and closed/archived conversations.