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The hostel was the ideal place to get to know amazing people from all around the world. It is a place where you can always find something to do and go out any day of the week since Montañita really is a place for partying. My tasks were pretty easy at the hostel since I only had to take care of the different events at our hostel and do promotion for the open bars we had at our place which were open for the public. Its the perfect job to connect with locals and travellers from whole montañita. If you like meeting a lot of new people and going out, i would definietly recommend this place!

17 days ago



I had fantastic time, spending almost 2 months in the hostel, the place is almost as interesting as montanita itself. Best place if you are looking for good party and surfing in the. Special thanks to José, Slaighther and Blanca. Thank you for everything i'll be back

2 months ago



I had a amazing expérience here! It where long hours. But the atmosphère was very good. The staff was super nice and helped me with everything. The tasks are easy once you understand. The helped me with my spanish but also with getting to know montañita! I really loved it here and i for sure want to come back an other time. It is a party hostal so you should like to party and have a go big or go home mentality. But thats for montañita in general the mentality ;).

over 1 year ago

Jose replied

We loved to have you here Elo! (:
This is your home too! Greetings from the staff of Hidden House!



Had an amazing time working there, the working days were long but I liked the people, place, vibe. There was no food included but that wasn't a problem 'cuz there is a little mini markets around were food wasn't expensive at all. the kitchen was PERFECT, as well as the rest of the accommodations. Watching iguanas falling from the trees was a everyday show, as well as watching Jack (un gato gris, gordo y belloooo) sleeping. If Montañita gets too much for you there is alway, Olon, Ayampe, los frailes and other beautiful beaches to visit. Love the hostel, Love Montañita.

almost 5 years ago



The hostel is a wonderfull pleace; really fun and so confortable. The host made me fell like home, they are so nice. My stay there was great and I'd love to back 😊

about 6 years ago



The hostel was unique, and very clean. the volunteers were friendly and jose, one of the staff, was very funny and friendly, and we found ways of communicating through the language barrier in funny ways! mostly using google trabslate haha. The vibe was great, ways playing music, and you get commission for bringing guests. The teo negatives were the job, which was trying to get people off the bus to come to the hostel, and when i left, it was early and the might manager didnt have access to the money to give me my commission.

about 6 years ago



From Free surf lessons, entrance to clubs, drinking games and slacklining to listening to all travellers', volunteers' and hosts' stories and experiences, the hostel is a lively hostel with lots to offer. The volunteering tasks are collaborative and fun, which makes them educative, as you get to learn and practice new languages when working with the guests, and showing them around. It also is a great place to watch Iguanas, meet new travel partners, and have lots of fun.

over 6 years ago



Eu fiz um dia de voluntariado, 2h pela manhã (onde passei muito bem com o pessoal da equipe). Depois como teria festa nesse dia me pediram para trabalhar no período da noite (mais 4h - completando assim as 6 h de trabalho) e foi aí que tive problema com as pessoas da equipe que me trataram muito, muito mal. Faz um ano que estou viajando e já estou selecionando muito bem onde vou ficar ou não, então no outro dia decidi ir embora. Conversei com uma das responsáveis, contei a situação, ela foi muito receptiva, mas mesmo assim decidi ir para o bem do meu psicológico já que não me sentia mais bem.

11 days ago



Mi experiencia en este lugar ha sido buena. Sleiter es un excelente anfitrión que también ha viajado y voluntariado mucho, entonces tiene mucha empatía y es flexible con los horarios y días del voluntariado. En este lugar pude practicar mucho mi inglés, asi que si quieren tener una gran experiencia, pueden venir a este lugar a disfrutar su tiempo en Montañita!

about 1 month ago



Eu amei minha experiência no hostel. Todos me trataram muito bem e me deixaram 100% cômoda! O hostel tem um ambiente muito aconchegante, alegre e com eventos incríveis! Fiz muitas amizades e foi uma experiência que me acrescentou muito. Muitíssimo obrigada por tudo! 🤎

3 months ago

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