Work for a few hours per day, swim and relax at our fantastic beaches rest of the day

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First, I wanna say that Stefan and Susanne are fantastic and open-minded with lots of experience to share. I have learned a lot and improved my english with them and the volunteers that stayed at the same time as me.
Moreover, I have discover the sunniest island of Sweden and shared lots of moments with the other volunteers that are wonderful!!
Thank you so much for everything and hope to see you soon!



My experience was incredible, Stefan and Susan are great people and make you feel at home, the work is not difficult and the accommodations are comfortable and öland is beautiful with beautiful beaches and awesome sunsets! I hope to return to this place again



Stefan and the awesome atmosphere around his hostel made my experience unforgettable. It was my first WorldPackers experience and I am already missing it. Be ready to host me again, Stefan, cuz I am sure that I will be back



Stay with Stefan, Suzanne and Frye, was so beautiful. There I meet some friends as Areli and Charly, anothers volunteers that was there before me..
I meet Sofies (from Alvaret and Sofy from Kalk), whose beauty actitud for it was so jealous. Definitely Lantgården, is to back...

Stefan, I'm so proud to meet you =)



Great experience! If you are looking for a very relax and quiet place you have to go to Lottorp. Stefan and Susan are great persons, they make you feel like in home, im really greatful with both, and with Vladas too, amazing people. The tasks are not so difficult and in the afternoon you can take a bike and go to the beach. Thanks for this experience.
Go to Sweden guys!



My first experience with worldpackers was simply perfect :)
I have no words to thank Stefan and Susanne, they make me feel like a family member... I am really in love with their beautiful hostel and with the island of Öland, a real paradise in the middle of the nature!! I will definitely come back and I recommend this hostel to everyone :) thank you !!



My staying in STF was so way from great that my plans were staying on for 2 weeks and I end up staying 2 and 1/2 months.
Stefan, is an amazing host, experienced traveler, open minded, generous and kind and makes everything so you can feel home. I truly felt like family. And furthermore all his family rock!
The island is so beautiful with nice beaches, nature and some breathless landscapings!
The volunteers facilities are amazing and the job itself is not hard at all.
We had such great moments.. sunsets , barbecues and parties and I can say that this was one of the best summers in my life!



Everything was simply perfect: the place -not only the hostel, the spots you're surrounded by too-, the work and task times, the free-time options you have, the workmates and, of course, Stefan and his family. They make you feel confortable and always look after you have a great time there.

Oh, man, I even miss the black goat :'(



My experience in this hostel was simply amazing! I totally recommend this place.
The pictures, the hours of work and the things you get are totally exactly as you can see in this page.
About the host, Stefan and his family are lovely people, they make you feel at home.
The job is not hard and your timetable is flexible
About the place is plenty of nature, you can see a lot of kind of animals, trees and the beach!
It is for people who looks for relax, doing sport
I really had a very good time here, I've been for 24 days and I wish I could've stay more!
My best wishes



It was a real pleasure to meet people like Stefan and Susan, their hostel is very nice, very big and the work is totally fair. There are many options to discover on the island every day. Touring the island is amazing. The atmosphere with all the volunteer team is amazing. Has been one of the best experiences of my life.
Thank you Stefan!!


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