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For two weeks I was a kind of teacher. Could help out there. I didn't have to pay for the stay (accommodation). The facilities of the accommodation was very simple. I had a own room but only with a mattress and a duvet cover. The kitchen wasn't very clean. No floating (toilet, tap, shower, etc.). When I had a shower I had to fill up the basket with water. This was a really Africa experience. I did a financial supporting there. Bought many the organization supplies and toys for the kids. Unfortunately I didn't receive a gratitude. You can live and work there but everythink is very simple!

about 1 month ago



I spoke with the host about my delayed flights suggesting we reschedule dates if possible and he was very fine with the decision. overall he was an excellent communcationist

10 months ago



I visited the organization during the big holidays. It was a blast to work together with the locals and build playground for the kids. There is so much to do and any skills are needed. From our work I created a lot of content for Social Media. Check it out! It is tremendous.

over 3 years ago

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