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I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer at the school, and it was an amazing experience! From the moment I arrived, I felt warmly welcomed and part of their family. Thomas and his family are genuinely kind and passionate about the school, and their dedication to the students is truly inspiring. The love and care they have for eachother is amazing. They made me more then welcome, and gave me a home far away from home. Thomas and his family are one of a kind people, and I am beyond grateful for everything they did. Go there and let the magic of Mwanza enchant you! Lots of love!!!

14 days ago



Thomas and his family literally changed my life. There are not enough words to explain my gratitude and my love for this people that taught me so much in just a few days. The kids are the sweetest kids on this planet. All family members are so committed to humanity, God, love, passion, etc that is unbelievable the feeling you get once you meet them. I leave this house for now, but with the promise of coming back. If you have the opportunity to come, please do, it will be one of the best experiences of your life 😭

over 1 year ago

Thomas replied

We will always remember you Andrea. Your heart and love to the children is one of the kind. We wish you all the best in your future. And we hopes to meet you soon.🥰🥰🥰



I can definitely recommend this Preschool. The family is so friendly, happy, thankful and peaceful. They do the best that you have a really nice time there. You can express your wants and needs and they will try to do the best for you. Also you have the opportunity to see a lot of things in this city. Its such a great local experience. Also the kids are open mind to you directly.

almost 2 years ago



I realy enjoyed my stay at MCYO. The family that welcomed me was so warm and they realy die a lot for me. Thanks to them, I tot to explore Mwanza and Make Victoria in a more local wat. I realy likes the experience of working in the school, but it was hard to communicatie with the children, because I don't sprak Swahili. That doesn't mean that we were not able to build a connection, because those children have a special place in my heart now.

almost 2 years ago



Thomas y su familia son excelentes anfitriones, Bibi, Anastacia, mándame Monique, Cristofer y January fueron nuestra familia en Tanzania. Pero los niños indudablemente se robaron nuestro corazón, ha sido una de las experiencias más hermosas de nuestra vida. Si aún estás pensándolo, no lo dudes más! Es una experiencia que te recomiendo con todo el corazón.

9 months ago

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