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Guanico is a beautiful, remote little village! The experience I had was really good, but I believe a big part of that was because the owners were away during my stay. I have heard a lot of stories where volunteers leave before they suppose to. I saw big issues even if they weren't there and it wasn't personally towards me. All in all. Loved the place, the locals, the availability of the surf boards. My co-workers.

10 months ago

Jiani replied

Hello Andrea,

I appreciate your time for your review.

As you have mentioned that we as an owner wasn’t there. You couldn’t have known everything and every stories.

As you know we have usually 6-8 volunteers at the time, there are some fews volunteers who aren’t really motivated to work or having different mentality to the volunteer programm. In that case, we always let those people go. We have a probation time of 5 days. Within these days we see if it works out for both side.

Nevertheless, we have plenty of volunteers who enjoyed working and living here. (Example: Ellen)

I understand, that negative stories affect ones more than the positives.

I do agree that we are strict on the business operation. We would like to have everything runs smoothies. This is our job. If a job or task is done wrong and our guests aren’t satisfied because of this. It is us, the owner, who has an impact on.

And yes, if one volunteer violate house rules or did any big wrong doing, we let them go.

Obviously, you have done your job well, and nothing happened to you personally. You have stayed.

Overall, you liked the place. And everything went well…

I don’t think it is fair if you made your review based on other people stories.




I stayed here for almost 3 months and not because of the host. After 2 weeks several locals congratulated me that I was still there as a lot of other volunteers leave this place earlier. Reason: behavior of Jiani (gaslighting, yelling, other crazy behavior). I have quiet some work experience, but never one like this! She doesn't treat you as a volunteer, expects a lot! If you leave the place earlier or break something deposit will be taken. It seems like she always find something to take the deposit, even you don't break something The place is really remote and other place then showed on map.

11 months ago

Jiani replied

Hello Martine,

Thank you for your time writing the review.

Many people leave guanico because it is very remote place. There’s nothing and this is not for everyone.

I am sorry that you felt like “crazy behavior or yelling” from me. Please, mention that everyone sees things differently. I did give you lots of critics because bartending / hospitality job is a very demanding job. I have told you and others serveral time. I understand that this job is not for everyone. We do expect people work independently and more confident in their task. We had 3 others volunteers complaining about your working ethics and they decided not to work with you because they needed to do your job. There’s people were professionals in their hospitality field. Additionally, you have never socialized with others workers (Gi**, En** Ma** …) I tried to calm the situation and wanted to keep you in our team. That’s why I kept telling you the things over and over again in order to teach you so you can stay. As I told you that we kept you so long because we like your motivation. I, usually do not tolerate workers, if they didn’t understand their responsibilities after 2 weeks. In the end you stayed 3 months.

We have 6-8 volunteers from different countries and cultures. We aren’t able to satisfy every single one. Differently people also have different perception. I am sorry that you felt in a bad way how I criticize you.

We believe it’s normal to ask for a security deposit ($50) for every volunteer. Because in case they break things we have this covered. Before everyone start the job with us, they need to sign the agreement, which you did! Luckily we did ask a deposit from you, because I didn’t thing it’s fair when you broke our shower in your house, that you didn’t want to pay. I feel really sad that because of this we had an argument in your last 3 days.

You were in my house for 3 months and we got a long most of the time. We have shared many things together. You are an adult of 39 years (no judgment), we believe that you are a person who needs to be able to accept critics. Plus, to accept other people opinions and house rules.

PS: overall, I didn’t have a bad experience with you and you have a received a great review of me. If it’s so bad, you wouldn’t have stayed 3 months with us?

We wish you all the best

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