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It was an excellent experience. Viviano is a great host. Highly recommended for all people who like art and nature. Always be prepared to help, as there are many things to do, as well as to help you develop your project, which aims to form a kind of small community of people who share the same values. You will feel at home!
Ciao Viviano !!

over 1 year ago



This was my first experience as a volunteer and it was pretty interesting. They (Viviano and Giovanna) where amazing hosts. I felt like in my own home. If you are intending to go to this lovely farm in Tuscany you have to be prepared to find a project where no one is judged, no matter your sexuality or thoughts, your color or history. I know I have learned a lot. I hope they as well. Saluti Viviano, I'll keep traveling. This is my one moment in time.

over 2 years ago



Work, talk and live with Viviano/Radagast is a day to day pleasure, i'm really happy to know him ! His a garrulous guy, every words we exchange was interesting : full of mind food :) and i don't talk about Giovanna (his adorable mother) true cooking... Here, you'll eat as kings ! (Sorry for my big stomach ^^)
I recommand this lovely artistic farm without a doubt !!

Keep in touch, wizard of nature ;)

about 3 years ago



O anfitrião é uma pessoa incrível, uma história de vida sensacional!! Com ele aprendi muitas coisas, sem dúvidas uma das melhores pessoas que conheci nos últimos tempos, sem nem me conhecer me ajudou em tudo oque precisei! Serei eternamente grato por tudo! O lugar é muito tranquilo, repleto de animais e afazeres muito satisfatório, em breve pretendo retornar para podemos passar mais tempo juntos!! Muito obrigado por tudo

5 months ago

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