Columbus Rooftop Hostel

At Columbus you will join part of a huge community of Gran Canaria island.

Our place is fun, sunny most of the time during the year. The island has a lot of micro climates, you can enjoy hiking in mountains, different types of sport, socialising with guests, find new friends.

Volunteers are part of the hostel family, we make sure they have everything they need to feel comfortable here. To extend their skill, comfort zone, language exchange, travelling experiences. Here you will get to know a wider variety of people doing the exact same thing as you, join part of a wider community on the island, get involved.

First and foremost in the building everybody is treated with complete and utter respect. Kindness and compassion is what we show to each other. Our strength is our location and the vibes. You will be part of a family, if this is going to be your first adventure, dont worry, we are going to take care of you :) We have a maximum stay policy of 2 months, but are always open to great people returning to us.


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We had a wonderful time staying here and getting to know all the volunteers and guests. The people truly made the experience. You got to know everyone very well, as the place is super social, and the family dinners and other hostel gatherings were very appreciated. The work was not at all bad, though it could differ greatly depending on the team you were assigned to. Overall, an amazing location, kind and enthusiastic team, and wonderful experience. Would have appreciated more consistent housing arrangements and working times, but other than that, this was an ideal Worldpackers experience.

10 dias atrás



My month in Columbus Rooftop was amazing! The work is easy, the city is chill and the people are really special. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to live close to the sea, Gran Canaria has a piece of my heart forever.

13 dias atrás



I spent 7 weeks volunteering at Columbus and truly had an amazing time. The work was fine and since I was working in the apartment team and it was low season I would often finish earlier. However what truly made the experience so great were the people that I met and since most volunteers only stay a month I met two amazing groups. As for the hostel there is definitely room for improvement (shelf next to the bed, curtains, training of volunteers). I had to move rooms multiple times cause of bedbugs, which is however taken seriously by the managers and they take measurements immediately.

24 dias atrás



Great experience! I was apart of the Apartments team, which meant I was staying as a volunteer at the hostel but would do the housekeeping at several co-livings that Columbus operates. This had great work/life balance with only 2-3hrs of work a day for 5 days a week. The apartments team manger is super energetic and funny. And the Columbus manager is incredible, he will always go above and beyond to help you out. All the other volunteers were incredible whilst I was there, they truly shape your experience and form most of your memories!

29 dias atrás



It was my first volunteering and it was amazing! The hostel is super comfortable and well located. The staff are as well super welcoming persons. Ramiro was my manager…… such a great guy! The tasks were super easy to understand and the best part for me was to have 3 days off!
I super recommend this experience!!!

1 mês atrás

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