English Playground Gangnam

A perfect place to really immerse yourself in the culture.
Get to meet the locals with many different lifestyles and other travelers from all around the world.
Gangnam is at the heart of Seoul - provides great accessibility to all around the city

The staff have also been travelers outside of Korea from short to long period of time. We understand what it is like to be welcomed and feel like home away from your own. Hope each and every traveler to make the most of their experiences in Korea. During your stay, you can get extra help with whatever in need as far as our courtesy extends.

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This was my first experience with Worldpackers and I’m super grateful for it! MJ and Harry are great hosts who were always ready to help us. The task is fun and the working hours are always respected. I highly recommend this experience :>

5 dias atrás



I had a really good time talking to the students. They are fun, engaging, and eager to communicate with us foreigners. I talked to so many people, from university students to people in the military, and even grandmothers who were learning English as a hobby. Each one of them had a fascinating story to tell. I was able to learn so much more about Korean culture because of this experience.
MJ and Harry were lovely hosts and I thank them for the opportunity.

15 dias atrás



MJ and Harry were amazing hosts! They were very welcoming from the moment I arrived in Seoul and were very flexible when it came to making schedules. The apartment is nice but small sometimes, but it’s not a huge issue because you’re not there a lot. I was able to learn so much about the culture and make new friends, and would definitely recommend this experience :)

17 dias atrás



Harry and MJ are lovely! They try very hard to give us the work schedule we want. We had a welcoming party and I felt very welcomed. When I got sick they also offered to take me to a doctor. I learned a lot about South Korea with the students at the café and got good recommendations about Korean music and webtoos. At the accommodation, some volunteers don't respect the cleaning chores and also eat more than their share off food. The aircon works well in the rooms.

22 dias atrás



It is a really great way to meet a lot of locals and make good connections or even friendships. It is also great if you like to discuss different topics and get to know other people and their way of life. If you are extrovert and like to talk a lot then i would definitely recommend this place but if you are more an introvert then i would recommend other volunteer options . I was also able to meet lots of other volunteers who were really great and kind people. The managers are really nice and if you have a problem you can always talk to them. A negativ thing was the dirty apartment.

26 dias atrás

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