BnB & Huskytours in Sweden

You can learn a lot about life in such a harsh condition above the polar circle. And you can also learn everything about my huskies if you are interested. In your free time, you will be able to join a tour or even drive a dog sledge on your own for free.
The happy dogs that love to cuddle are the best reward for your work.

I'm a nature guide with a pack of around 40 Alaskan huskies, living outside Kiruna in the North of Sweden with my dogs and touristic company (started it around 4 years ago). I usually have about 3-4 helpers during winter. In summer 1-2. We usually eat dinner all together and take turns in preparing them. Otherwise, the kitchen is always open and the fridge full ;)


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My two months at Husky Dreams were an incredible and unique experience. I loved to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes, northen lights and dogs. The dogs have all such great and unique personalities. You also learn a lot about them, the dogsledding and the work around it. The work can be hard during the high seasons but if you’re willing to learn, work hard and are flexible with the working hours it will be very rewarding.
I would recommend this experience and I hope to come back soon!

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an unforgettable experience, totally recommended, I would return a thousand times without thinking about it

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My month in Husky dreams was an amazing experience, I learn a lot about dogs, sledding and snowmobiles and at the same time being surrounded by incredible landscapes, auroras boreales, lovely dogs and amazing people who make me feel like home.
The work can be hard during the high season but is balanced with quiet days that allow you to rest an enjoy the places around.
I fully recommend this experience which has been one of the best of my trip, I hope comeback some day :)

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Spent a bit more than a month at Husky Dreams, and it was an amazing time full of unforgettable memories of Dog sledding, Aurora watching and getting stuck with snowmobiles! This experience is one of the best i've had on all my travels, from the variety of the work you do, the people and of course the dogs, it's good times all round. I was there during the busy season which meant some very busy days, but these were balanced out with chill ones here and there, just be prepared to get to work when needed and you'll have a great time. I recommend you try it, this is a one in a million experience!

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First thing You need to know is that this is not Your regular volunteering, this is something different. Huskydreams is a place where You go to learn about yourself, about hard work and about dogs. You Will not be on holidays, wich can be really good because You Will test your own limits.
It can be more or less work depending on the moment of the season, but there are always things to do.

A place to grow up while You bond with dogs.

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Tha kz Jeasica for your honest and good review

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