BnB & Huskytours in Sweden

You can learn a lot about life in such a harsh condition above the polar circle. And you can also learn everything about my huskies if you are interested. In your free time, you will be able to join a tour or even drive a dog sledge on your own for free. The happy dogs that love to cuddle are the best reward for your work.

I'm a nature guide with a pack of around 40 Alaskan huskies, living outside Kiruna in the North of Sweden with my dogs and touristic company (started it around 4 years ago). I usually have about 3-4 helpers during winter. In summer 1-2. We usually eat dinner all together and take turns in preparing them. Otherwise, the kitchen is always open and the fridge full ;)


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It was an unique experience like no other, being able to work with that many dogs, trying many new things such as dog sledding, driving a snowmobile, watching amazing auroras, meeting really nice people (hosts and volunteers) is something that I had never imagined in my life.
I've been 2 months living and working there and Per and Sonja were always really kind to me, and I take with me many great memories of them!
I would totally recommend this experience!
Thank you guys for everything!

about 1 month ago



I truly had an amazing experience and I’m so sad to leave ! Being here help me reconnect with myself, nature and be confortable around dogs ! I was scared of dogs before doing this trip but I really wanted to do it, I’m glad because now my fear of dogs is gone, and I have all of theses memories that I will keep forever !
I had the chance to experience dog training and auroras ! Sonja (the host partner) is truly a great person ! U can really trust them and they trust u completely.
The other volunteer are so nice !
I had so much fun and with the dogs !
100% recommend this experience

3 months ago

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