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We are a group of friends who believe ecological practices and community living go hand in hand. We like to share food, do firecamps and have fun together. Our way of living is kind of nomadic, as we live in traillers, caravans and campers, and we are now for almost one year based in a terrain that has not being used for many years. We can move anytime to other terrain, so better to us is to build stuff that are mobile and easily movable.

We work together to clean the terrain, build stuff, fix stuff and do some events like the eating cafe and workshops. We sometimes welcome persons that are interested in engaging in any project with us, building stuff and making good things from the enormous ammount of recyclable materials we have. Here you would be part of the family, so we expect that you feel good and relaxed here as we are.


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This place is so special ✨ the community consists of diverse, very talented and artistic people. They are warm, kind, humble and so very welcoming. From the yoga to the organic food, to the animals, to the people, everything in this community made my stay truly life changing 🥹 I met an extraordinary Worldpacker, my girl Emily ❤️ muito obrigada por tudo!
The host Diva is truly a superwoman ❤️ dank je wel voor alles 🥰
TO ALL STADSNOMADEN: thank you so so much for making my experience unforgettable! I’m sad my days are coming to an end 🥺 I’m definitely coming back! Much love & see you soon!❤️✨

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I had an incredible time at StadsNomaden, it was truly gezellig!
I'm really grateful for those I got to met during my stay there, everyone made me feel welcomed since from the very beginning.
I have to highlight specially meeting Naoual and Sandra, the other volunteers! Girls, dankjewel for everything.
I was lucky enough to see how my work might help a small and special community and project.
If your are looking for a place to connect with people and feel part of a community while helping in a variety of small projects, this is the place for you.

hace 7 días



I'm in love with this place and the people. I had my own room and they teach me a lot of things. I practiced a lot of Dutch and learn how to build different things. A real Dutch experience, all the crew treat me really good and I felt as home. You will learn the true meaning of community with them. I'm really thankful for everything.

hace 21 días



apesar de ter ido em uma temporada de chuvas e baixa temperatura, pude ter noção de como viver num trailer e em um local sustentavel. esperava que teria mais conexões com pessoas falando em inglês, mas todos da casa foram simpáticos e receptivos.

hace 3 meses



Living at Stadsnomaden has given me the chance to learn about alternative ways of life, more connected with people and with nature, and making the most of the resources that we already have. I have also met a lot of new international people, their cultures, music and different topics that I would have never heard. The experiences of every person have really touched me. And thanks to Leo, the other volunteer, for the time together. Was really nice!
Now, I have decided to stay in the Netherlands to live, and I am sure I will be visiting the Stadsnomaden more times. Thank you very much! Really🙏❤

hace 6 meses

Diva respondido

Hey Alex! Thanks a lot for your kind words, but mostly for your energy and hard work. It was gezellig, and I'm happy you had a nice time at our community. You are always welcome! All the bes!

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