Kuzuri Tanzania

Whilst volunteering with us you will have the opportunity to live with a local family and experience the traditions, language and culture of the country first hand. We will welcome you into our family with open arms.

As well as having the choice of volunteering at one of the schools/orphanages that we support, we also have a community center that we would love you to get involved with. This is a unique addition to the community to support education and local people in need of support, and it is an exciting and fulfilling opportunity.

For seven years myself and my family have hosted over 200 volunteers from many different countries and backgrounds. We love having volunteers here, because not only do they make a huge impact on our community but they enrich our lives. I enjoy matching people with a project that will help them feel fulfilled whilst arranging activities (like safari, mountain trekking and visiting hot springs/massai village) so that they have the best time in our country as possible. My family love cooking local African food for our visitors and we enjoy learning new western recipes. We love to show volunteers around Arusha and introduce them to our culture and traditions. When we aren't working or exploring I love to learn all about local animals and vegetation, cooking or enjoy a good movie.

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I enjoyed my stay there, they offer lots of activities like going to hot springs, waterfall, safari, Mount Meru it's great!  But as far as volunteering goes, we don't do farming or gardening, we go to school (I don't think it's really good to do that). I was disappointed because I signed up to do ecological and not social action.  Also you have to pay $10 a day for food, that makes sense, but you also have to pay that money if you are gone on safari for a few days or something, I don't understand why you have to pay when you are not staying.

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james respondido

Dear Salome, thank you so much for your feedback, regarding to farming activities you signed for we took you to the garden first day and other day you started follow other volunteers how had signed to school and you told us you wanna do that, I getting confused now what is you intention?
Regarding to 10$ the money you paid it for buying food but also paying other bills,water electricity but ado we payed government tax for all you are day you signed for
Hopefully you understand



What an unforgettable experience! Going to Tanzania with my girlfriend was a dream come true. We met diverse volunteers worldwide, forming strong friendships 🫶

Working with curious and English-speaking children was a pleasure. We preferred to volunteer outside of their class hours so as not to replace the lessons they already have at school with good teachers! The moments in the library were extraordinary, and I would have loved to stay with them :)

Though there were some negative (write to me), I recommend it! Can't wait to return to the kind and attentive people of Arusha 🇹🇿

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This was one of the best experiences of my life ❤️✨!! The family is incredible and you will feel at home with them!! The work is flexible based on what you like to do and the food in the house is good!! This was my first experience volunteering and I absolutely loved!! I also had the chance to meet amazing people from all around the world and truly experience the local culture!! I couldn't be happier with all the memories I had there 🇹🇿❤️✨

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Asante sana rafiki

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We had the most amazing time at Kuzuri Tanzania. After telling James the wrong time our flight was getting in, he came to the airport twice to get us! The whole family was really welcoming and helpful. The food was delicious and there were many volunteering options, with the opportunity to mix and match. We got immersed in the local culture, seeing areas such as Moshi and playing basketball with locals. 10/10 recommend the Krissi house!

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The Kissiri-Family is amazing! I was welcomed with open arms and could have stayed definitely longer.

James and his family are always eager to help and show you around or parts of their culture. Whether it is a day-trip, a safari or just some nice coffee places, James can organise or might join. Don't hesitate to ask, I felt the door was always open to talk.

Will definitely come again.
Asante Sana James & Family!

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