Kuzuri Tanzania

You will have the opportunity to: - Get involved with the academic system and support the education of our kids. - Live with a Tanzanian family and experience the traditions, language and culture of the country at first hand. - Learn more about the Masai culture, one of the oldest tribes in Africa, and visit a Masai village.

Over the last years, we have hosted many volunteers in our home and we sincerely enjoy it. It is fun to match people from different backgrounds and since I am a passionate chef I very much enjoy cooking African food for our visitors and sometimes I even get taught some new western recipes. In my free time I love to learn all about local animals and vegetation, play cards or enjoy a good movie.

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Mi estancia y trabajo en Arusha con la organización Kuzuri Tanzania fue perfecta. James, el anfitrión es un hombre sensible y siempre dispuesto, la casa es increíble, cómoda, la comida deliciosa y la familia es maravillosa.
El trabajo con los niños y profesores en el colegio estuvo muy bien, aprendí mucho y te dan libertad de escoger los temas en los que te sientes más confiando.
Sobre el orfanato, me enamoré de todos los niños!!!
El sector donde vivimos es tranquilo, fácil transporte, la ciudad queda a 15 minutos.
Fue realmente una experiencia que recomiendo a todos!

2 meses atrás


Definitely this project is complete and amazing. First because the options of volunteering are simple, nice and different. You have the chance to teach and help at a junior school, help in basic tasks inside an orphanage, visit something like a hostel for kids and even help at the farm in the house. On the other hand you can find the kindness and hospitality of Kissiri Family who can teach you a lot of things and make you feel part of the family. The Tanzanian food is delicious, the rooms are perfect and the house is one of the best places I have ever volunteering. I recommend this project!

2 meses atrás


My girlfriend ( Swiss-German) and I ( Tanzanian that lives in Switzerland ) had a great time and it was our 1st experience! We spent 2 weeks at the Kissiri's house and James picked us up from the bus station . We chose to teach at the school and we taught grade 5 & 6 English , Math, Geography and Vocational skills ( music). The staff at the school is welcoming and the kids are great( Amazing) . Special thanks to the host family they were great to us and extra activities are available. We don't want to spoil your experience,for us its was defenetly a 100 out 10 for sure.

2 meses atrás


Want a life change experience? This is the right one.
This was my first Worldpacker by myself and I couldn’t have chosen a better one. From the family to the community everyone is really nice. In this experience you are able to make the most of what you want, if you want to spend your afternoon exploring the city you can, or you can also spend your days playing with the local kids.
After 3 weeks in this life changes experience, I strongly recommed it to everyone.
Asante Sana Kissiri Family!

4 meses atrás


I never felt in that way before, this was for sure the best experience of my life.
This experience made me change a lot and it made me become a better person and I will always be so greatfull to this family and to all those kids cause they’ve chenged the way I look at things.
I was the one who had to come here to help, but insted they helped me. I never felt so loved, among other things by people who have received little or not enough. I invite you to spend some time in this village, cause the place is just amazing, the hosting family is just the best you can get and the kids adorable!

6 meses atrás

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