Kuzuri Tanzania

Whilst volunteering with us you will have the opportunity to live with a local family and experience the traditions, language and culture of the country first hand. We will welcome you into our family with open arms.

As well as having the choice of volunteering at one of the schools/orphanages that we support, we also have a community center that we would love you to get involved with. This is a unique addition to the community to support education and local people in need of support, and it is an exciting and fulfilling opportunity.

For seven years myself and my family have hosted over 200 volunteers from many different countries and backgrounds. We love having volunteers here, because not only do they make a huge impact on our community but they enrich our lives. I enjoy matching people with a project that will help them feel fulfilled whilst arranging activities (like safari, mountain trekking and visiting hot springs/massai village) so that they have the best time in our country as possible. My family love cooking local African food for our visitors and we enjoy learning new western recipes. We love to show volunteers around Arusha and introduce them to our culture and traditions. When we aren't working or exploring I love to learn all about local animals and vegetation, cooking or enjoy a good movie.

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I had such a great time at Kissiri House! I’m so grateful for James for being so kind and organizing everything so flawlessly and for the nice accommodation. For Doctor Bethy for being so sweet and making the best meals ever. She really felt like an older sister, ready to help with anything you need. Also, thank you to Faraja & Mama Kissiri for helping me feel so at home. I loved working at the school and especially at the library, I’m going to miss the children so much! It was such a beautiful way to meet and talk with locals and explore Tanzania’s beautiful culture. Asante Sana!

9 days ago



I would recommend this experience to anyone, seeing the kids at school and helping them is really touching and fun, especially when you get to know them more, they’ll get comfortable and will ask for more help, same goes for the teacher who needs to know you before giving more and more things to do.
James is very kind and will organise anything to make the stay comfortable, he’s definitely someone you can count on.
Betty (his sister) will make you feel at home and do everything to help you get comfortable ! She’s also very fun !
The accomodation is really nice !
If you hesitate, don’t !

28 days ago



I had such an amazing experience! I would 100% recommend you going, James and his family are so so nice and sweet and it really feels like family by the end of your stay. The kids are also so sweet and you can see that they are helping the kids! Missing them already, but definitely an experience worth having :)

2 months ago



I had a very nice experience in Arusha with James and his family. At the school it is arranged for you to take responsibility for how much you want to interact, and you get the opportunity to choose a lot yourself. I taught grades 5 and 6 and the kids were super happy, clever and greatful.
At weekends there is an opportunity to explore more, here too it is important that you take responsibility yourself and make things happen. Would recommend the waterfall and to do a safari!
Arush is a nice city and everyone is very welcoming!

3 months ago



We stayed with the Kissiri family for 10 days.
They made our stay really nice and comfortable.
We were having breakfast around 8, then we were going to the school until 12. Coming back home to have lunch and the rest of the day, he had free time until dinner time around 8pm.
We enjoyed our time in the school, the kids are really polite, patient and happy.
From our experience, we recommend it to anyone who wants to have a full experience of living in in a Tanzanian environment and get the chance to help in a local school.
Asante sana 🙏🏻

4 months ago

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