Pastoral Valley Ecological Yoga Farm

Pastoral Valley is known as Turkey's largest Yoga and Meditation retreat center expanding over a 10 acre land. Living and working in a farm with local people - interacting with continuous flow of guests throughout the year, will certainly give you the opportunity to learn things like, traditional Turkish Cuisine, and ıts unique culture. You can also learn a lot about sustainable and ecological farming practices. Volunteers are also encouraged to talk to visiting Yoga / Meditation Instructors to see ıf they can also be a part of their programs - if they are interested.

Our staff members are all from the village next to us...they are our neighbors . They come and start their daily routine, start to work at 8am in the morning and they leave at 6pm - everyday' all year round...for the last 15 years. they are very friendly, accommodating and always good with our volunteer friends


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I had good time here. The local food was amazing.A fresh day started with gardening jobs, I built some muscles. The cats and dogs ran everywhere. the wood pavilions along the seasonal river are best place to read book. A lots cool travellers met here, and exchanged experiences. I will always remember that Elina, Casalina with me cooked coffee beside river in a sunny afternoon. And Thanks Nihat for everything.

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It was an amazing staying where you are able to connect with local people, to see their lifestyle. The place where you are spending whole day on nature . I spend there 3 weeks and it was a good time . I can highly recommend it. ☀️

hace 10 meses

nihat respondido

Daria! I am so sorry for the late reply but I am getting used to this platform better - day by day :)

thank you so much for everything you have done for the farm, it is much appreciated.

your are welcome back anytime
good luck with your next journey

pastoral valley family



Really beautiful place and very nice people! I would definitely recommend staying here 😊
(just be prepared for a lot of physical work 🙌)

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nihat respondido

Astrid thanks so much for everything you have done for the farm, the effort you put through..

for your laugh and kind approach towards everyone and everything

good luck and take care


pastoral valley family

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