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Working in a guesthouse, you will have the opportunity to practice not only your Japanese but also some other languages since we receive guests from many different parts of the world!

On your days off, you can go snorkeling or scuba diving as well as visiting museums or other traditional and historical sites. Other than that, Naha can be quite a laid-back small city. If you are looking for some relaxing time with no stress, this could be a nice place to visit.

We are a team of international staff and we encourage people from all walks of life to join us through their journey across Japan. As a helper, you will be working as housekeeping 3-4 hours a day / 5 days a week in exchange for a bed in one of our dormitories. You are mostly expected to help with the cleaning, but you will find that a guesthouse can be a nice place to chat with other guests and make new friends (: In order to join us, you will need to be able to work in Japan. For example, having a Working Holiday Visa will do! Also, our helpers usually stay for about a month. At the moment, we are also looking for help in Reception, so if you speak Japanese let us know! In this case, we would be looking for people willing to stay 4 to 6 months with us.

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Most days, the cleaning is only for 2 hours / 2 hours and half. The maximum I did was 3 hours. Each person is giving a floor to clean (bed + toilet and bathroom OR kitchen/living room) and once you're finished with your task, you have to help others with their floor. I was helped a lot by other volunteers (thank you!).

You definitely gets lots of free time and since you start at 11am, you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want.

I also liked how clean the place is, the materiel to clean is good, and the organization is really convenient.

Thank you for the experience ! :)

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It was a pleasure! The work was as agreed, even though it was quite busy at the time. The communication is good, Mei is super organised and takes care of everything immediately.
Living in the guesthouse has the usual advantages and disadvantages: you get easily in touch with other people, but of course you have little privacy. The team is very welcoming and makes living there easy :)
Okinawa is fantastic and I also really liked Naha as a city. I would come back anytime! Thanks for everything :)

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The team at Santiago Guesthouse are so incredibly welcoming, fun and supportive. The work is quick and easy, with everyone working together to finish everything then we would hang out and get lunch afterwards. There were regular lunches and dinners together with late night games and lot of shenanigans!
Okinawa itself is beautiful too, with lot to go see and do and lots of good food to eat.
I have to fully recommend going to Santiago Guesthouse, you will not regret it! :)

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It was really nice experience. Hostel is well located and the staff is really friendly and helpful!:)

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The Guest House is a wonderful place with a mix of Japanese and international guests. Okinawa is the best place I’ve ever been to, I really fell in love! Work is super easy too so 10/10 recommend!

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