We offer experience in hospitality and cleaning from cleaning the houses. We can also offer experience in gardening and cooking with the ingredients we harvest ourselves I love cooking big meals after a long days work

Hi I am Ken Murray I work with my son and treat all of our workers with the respect that they deserve. We hope to build an community driven atmosphere to get the most out of work with the likes of laundry folding and drying sheets on the line and in dryers are greatly appreciated .For days off We often go surfing with volunteers or plan day trips to Galway. Volunteers can expect a 9am wake up time with a 10 am start time. We ask that you cook at night in turns to try different foods and styles of cuisine every night. We will also cook for you of course (:


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Ken is a kind person but the experience is not what you expect from the advertisement. We were told how fun it use to be but unfortunately it is now very different.
My friend and I were the only volunteers there and were expected to do many things that were not in the description. The days consisted of cleaning his Air bnb rooms for 6 or 8 hours while having to cook my Ken and other volunteers lunch and dinner everyday (not included in the working hours). Ultimately we decided to cut our experience short and had a nice open talk with Ken about what our issues are.

24 days ago



Sinceramente no lo recomiendo, el no es mala persona, pero hay muchas carencias en cuanto a respeto del espacio y tareas por realizar, no me sentí apoyado ni tampoco el explicaba bien lo que había que hacer, entre otras cosas, estuvimos sin luz 2 días, y nos tuvimos que ir antes porque el no se encontraba bien de salud (eso es entendible ), el no necesita voluntarios, necesita una persona que lo cuide, como un enfermero o un familiar.

4 months ago



my experience, unfortunately, was affected so much by the owner's personal motives that also ended up influencing my experience completely. I really understand that there are unforeseen events and that it's not the host's fault but I didn't have a pleasant experience but I know it was something unique. The house is good and the room cozy. I was comfortable with the food and very satisfied. It is not an ideal place to meet backpackers and in that regard I was frustrated... and know that it is a very isolated place, I did not get to know the area but it is very beautiful. Most of my stay I

4 months ago



Ken is a good person.
We would go back to Achill, it is a beautiful place.

The house has prepaid electricity, we sometimes ran out of electricity.
Other than that we had no major problems, the neighbours are very nice and helpful people!

Thanks to Noel and Phil. Great friends of Ken's.

8 months ago



muy bueno experiencia, Ken es muy atento, la mayoría del trabajo fue mantenimiento

about 1 year ago

kenneth replied

Great people welco.e ba k a yte

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