Africa das Joaninhas

If you're looking for an experience that takes you out of your conforte zone. Do you love Nature? We're doing a revolution, one that allow us to live according our beliefs. I believe there's a world were we as part of nature and we can thrive in harmony. Do you? Up for a big challenge? Permaculture can be the answer! Lets design a better future for us as part of Nature!

I'm Patrícia, I have 40 years old and I'm the mother of a 12 years old girl, Gabriela Sol and I'm Portuguese. The farm is located in Alpiarça, Ribatejo, 1 hour away from Lisbon. I´ve been away and the project was paused between August 2014 and June 2016, We're restaring and there's a lot to do. My background is Permaculture ( Fukuoka, Bill Mollison) and I'm also Inspired by Emilia Hazelip synergistic garden work and Linda Woodrow Mandala Garden. At the moment redesigning the permaculture project to fit a small community. My goal is to promote a ecological and sustainable style of live starting. I/We start to design a Permaculture project for the farm. I intend to start a food forest, first by creating a nursery or trees with the intent of reforesting the 1,5ha of land. At the time I'm producing manly for personal consumption but working for deliver locally 5 to \7 baskets, maximum 10 km from the farm. Building: I'm finishing the main house, Kitchen, Roofs, walls and stove. All in natural building technics , based on cob and local tradicional technics. I'm working giving permaculture and gardening workshops, designing permaculture projects, creating events on the farm, and implementing a food forest and some cultures to sell to local organic farmers,... What is expected from a volunteer? A volunteer is someone that is using is time and strengths to help this project to thrive. Itch one has his one reasons but I would say that is someone that review itself on the philosophy and ideas of the project.You can learn a lot with the experience but your goal should not be learning, should be helping the project to thrive. We can provide you with learning experience as a student not as a volunteer as dough you will have to learn a lot. What a volunteer can expect from his host? We commit ourselves to welcome you as an active member of our small community. We shall all support each other and participate in an active way to find the best solutions for all. Conditions on site Accommodation: Camping – The volunteer should bring is one tent and camping material . If you don’t have a tent or sleeping bag, ask in advance to see if is possible to provide you with one. For the moment there’s no other option available. We have 2 showers for the community: 1 Solar and 1 Wood Stove shower Cold water tank for swimming WC: 1 dry toilet shared by the community. Food: 100%ORGANIC All food is organic and vegetarian. We don’t usually buy bread, butter,cheese, chocolate or coffee for the community . If we do we share it. We can adapt to special diets like vegan or gluten free but you have to inform us in advance. We share the food costs. Usual Meals Breakfast: Oats with yoghurt, honey and fruits from the garden. Tea Lunch and Dinner: Organic cereals or potatoes with legumes and vegetables from the garden. We have eggs from chickens and goose’s. Minimum stay: 2 weeks Ideal: 1 to 2 months We’re working to improve volunteers conditions so we can all take the best out of this exchange. All people, adults, children and animals are welcome! We don't forbid the use of alcohol, coffee, sugar and other addictive substances but we don't recommend the use during the labour days.

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