Alagoa Terrace Guesthouse

You can improve your Portuguese language skills, make your own projects, trips etc, you can see the Portuguese way of leaving. You will be invited to take part in dinners and events that we like to share with our guests, as well as plenty of time to enjoy the city, the beach and the amazing weather that the Algarve has to offer. There is an airport, train station and bus station in Faro, and a regular bus service to the beach.

Me and the staff are very friendly and easy going, you can expect to be integrated and be treated as family, we are normally every day in contact and we will help in any situation that is needed.


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Sadly the host didn’t inform me that his establishments had bed bugs. Volunteers lived in infested rooms, they got bitten and when they asked if they could get new accommodations, the host said no, even though there were available beds. If you don’t speak Portuguese or Spanish it may be very lonely since there are periods when there’s only Portuguese speaking volunteers as well as staff. I chose to change my departure date and leave early, because of the bed bugs situation.

about 1 month ago

Emanuel replied

You are a F... Liar, and its very sad to have ppl like you in our house.
There was a problem with one off the Volunteers rooms with bed bugs ( situations that may happen ) and situations that in this case was solved one month before you arrival .
Any way it was suggested for you to change room or even house where you did the tasks so you don't imagine that could still be some in the room and you refuse saying that you would have to go to Suécia ( civilized county ) calling as retarded or 3 would country because we hade a problem with bedbud... its sad that in more that 1000 Volunteers that pass here we may have our account blocked because off a liar racist, that continue in the same room for more than one week after complaining about possible bed bugs in the room (that where not) , never hade any bits, refuse to leave the room or change and lied saying that where gonna go to Suécia to get check by a doctor and then justo move to a party hostel next door.
I guess in our guesthouse the partys and the boys where not enough for you so you needed to find a excuse.

Yes we ARE NOT a party hostel, we have rooms just for staff and Volunteers and all off you that don't have needs to sleep with OTHER GUESTS in shared rooms are welcome.

like i Said before its a shame the we may have our account blocked because ppl like you.

I do hope others read all the comments or in case off doubts talk to other Volunteers that stayed or are with us. :)



This experience brought me many learnings and good memories.
The work and schedule agreed with the host is fulfilled and the place where I slept was a female room where only I and three other volunteers stayed. My time in this volunteer work was mainly marked by the friendships I made. I met many special people, with whom I lived wonderful moments that exceeded my expectations. It was really an amazing experience for me.

about 1 month ago



A experiência foi muito boa! Fui super bem recepcionada por todos lá, fizemos amizades para a vida toda! O hostel fica super bem localizado, você consegue fazer tudo a pé na cidade! Em relação ao trabalho, é puxado mas é uma boa experiência, desenvolvi mais o inglês em um mês na recepção do que em 3 meses de aula! Já estou com saudades de todos ✈️

about 2 months ago



I traveled with my friend and this was my first worldpackers experience. Both of us speaks english but there were really few peopel working in hostel who spoked english. That leaded in communication issues and we didn't get same treatment than peopel who spoked portuguese or spanish. I don't recomment this if you speak only english.
We also felt like our work wasn't recpected .
Schedules came very late and sometimes you didn't know where you will be working before morning. Text messages that were sent to us were inappropriate and unfriendly.
Location was great but the accommodation wasn't.

3 months ago



gostei muito de participar desta equipa, sugiro apenas que as folgas sejam comunicadas com antecedência, pois podemos marcar passeios com mais segurança!

6 months ago

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