Arctic Farm Stall Holtaas

If they wanna explore nature in Norway this is a good place to do it. Do you need a quiet place, love animals and nature? Then this is your place.

We take in people with eighter horseskills or handyskills.. People with these skills are also prefered: horseskills, ridningskills, carpentry, building, painters, mechanics and other handyworkskills. Project this spring/summer: painting, fixing/repair of the tractor, take down a porch and build a new one, rebuild inside our small stable, fix the wooden lavvo, taking down old fences and makeing some new fences for the horses. Now and then: fix the rental house. Mainly the job is to take care of the horses, dogs and cat.

You can see the Northern lights in the winter and midnight sun in the summer. Hiking here is amazing. You will love our horses and dogs. Most people come here to charge batteries from a tough life. You can do that here. But work at the same time. If you are happy to be outdoor and love animals: you will love it here.

Weather can be a little harsh, but somehow facinating to tourists.

PS I need someone who have experience with HORSES and that hopefully can stay at least 2 months. But not less then 6 weeks.

The APPARTMENT: 2 private bedrooms. Livingroom,small kitchen. More pictures will be put on this site:

We are experienced hosts. We are strick but kind and want volunteers to follow our and Norwegian rules. We want you to be tidy as well. We use to have 2 volunteers. We dont eat with volunteers all the time, just now and then. And volunteers have their own appartment. With 2 bedrooms, small livingroom, small kitchen. Shared bathroom with the rental house Arctic Farmhouse Stall Holtaas. So you really need to keep it tidy. We prefere you stay in the appartment. You can also interact with our neighbours volunteer. Norwegian people can be a little private and quiet. So there is not much stress. So if you like an harmonic and calm place: this is the place for you.


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It’s been awesome days in Artic. I’ve been learning new skills (especially with horses) and also could’ve done some nice activities and been with nice people here. I would highly recommend or even encourage anyone who is willing to have an amazing and unique experience. Come come !

about 2 months ago

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