Balenbouche Estate

Balenbouche Estate is a family run guesthouse and heritage site with a focus on living sustainably and close to nature, and creating a community. Over many years, we have built a wonderful network of locals and visitors who share a love for the peaceful, authentic and beautiful atmosphere of Balenbouche. Two beaches are on property and the South of St Lucia has some of the best attractions. We look forward to helping you get to know the island and people.

Our volunteers generally have a separate cottage to stay in although occasionally single volunteers may only have a room, and share the main house and meals with our family, especially in the tourist season when space is limited. However, you can also choose to prepare and/or eat your own meals, and work independently. Our team consists of my mother and myself, 3 housekeepers and 3-5 gardeners / general laborers. Occasionally, an independent contractor such as a builder, carpenter, or electrician will join our team for a few days or weeks. When working on an island at a historic property with limited resources, we need to improvise and remain very flexible. There are endless projects and plans for the future, but our main focus is the upkeep and improvement of the 6 guest cottages.


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This was my first time volunteering abroad and I could not have asked for a better experience. I was treated like family and was fully integrated in a lot of activities, meals and just general hangouts.

The workload was reasonable and the hours were very flexible. I worked on a couple of different websites including some of their friends'.

There is a very relaxed vibe on the estate with lots to discover (including a cool yoga barn, an old sugar mill and two beaches on property). I had a nice private room in the main house.

I would love to come back one day. Definitely recommended!

7 months ago

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