Be a part of Hotel Mirage in Jaisalmer Fort!

I highly reccomend travellers to volunteer with us because Hotel Mirage is a beautiful and peaceful place located inside Jaisalmers Fort. We have a sunny rooftop cafe with an amazing view of the Maharaja Palace, near the entrance. The hotel is very colorful, clean, comfortable and I Iike making people feel at home. I really enjoy the exchange with travellers and it makes me happy to teach about Indian culture, helping people with reccomendations and having meaningul conversations about life. I also enjoy cooking very much and I love to teach as well!

My name is Ba and I grew up in Barna, a village south of Jaisalmer, where I worked as a farmer for many years. In 2012, I started to organize camel safaris to the desert and sharing my knowledge about wildlife and plants with different travelers. From there I decided to open this hotel inside the fort. People say I'm a very kind, happy and positive person. For me the most important thing is to make people feel welcome, comfortable and I treat everybody as a part of my family. All the reviews in Tripadvisor, Booking and different platforms agree with that so Im happy to be able to fullfill my desire!


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Ba es un anfitrión estupendo. La comida es super rica. El ambiente del equipo es muy bueno. Como es temporada baja no he tenido la oportunidad de disfrutar de otros huéspedes, pero Ba me ha facilitado todoslos contactos necesarios para manejarme por Jaisalmer como un local más.
Muchas gracias!

about 1 month ago

Ba replied

I admire your visit to my place and noted the sanitary improvements mentioned, and hope to welcome you again in future,best of luck and thanks a lot



The old fort in Jaisalmer is beautiful and the hotel is in a very good location with a nice view over the city. The owner picked me up at the train station early in the morning and made me breakfast as soon as I arrived. I’m grateful for all the food he made me, but overall I did not enjoy this experience.
I was supposed to stay for 2 weeks, but decided to leave after 2 days because I felt uncomfortable with the owner. I have been traveling around Asia for the last year and I have never experienced something like this. There was also no clear plan for what I was supposed to do as a volunteer

about 2 months ago

Korea, South


They asked me for money.

The owner said that drinking water is free. "If you buy water from the market, I'll give it to you for free. Why did you buy it?"
But I asked for money because I drank water.

And the employee who works here said he had to go to the hospital and asked for money.

There is no air conditioner in the room. It is to hot.

I appreciate the food the owner cooked for me, but I don't want to visit again because of other negative aspects.

about 2 months ago

France, Metropolitan


I stayed only three nights at Mirage hotel with Ba. Because one day he needed my room for other guests so he sent me to his friend and business partner Shiva at Shiva guest house. This three night I spent 2 in a room and 1 on the top of the roof, which was a special experience I really wanted to do.
Ba is a very nice person but I never knew what to do because his 3rd business partner was ordering me to do different jobs, like cleaning and helping in the kitchen while Ba was asking to ad pictures to his social media and answer emails. This 3rd person also asked me help very late at night.

about 2 months ago

United Kingdom


Ba is an amazing host he made me feel so welcome from the offset including me in all the activities and answering many questions about Jaisalmer. It is truly a privilege to have worked with him and help him. The work was varied and I heloed him with lots of different tasks, Ba is very easy going and relaxed about work this meant I was sometimes difficult to know if ai was doing enough. He is a generous man who has many friends in Jaisalmer and will help you as much as he can. I have learned so much about culture in Rajasthan during this trip and can't recommend this enough !

3 months ago

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