Bear Creek Farm

The woods that surround my home are incredibly beautiful. If you want to get away from city life then this is the place for you. Many of the trees on the property are old growth. There is a creek that runs through the property as well. I grew up on this property and after my mother passed away I moved in and am taking care of the place along with 4 other homes on the property. There is a lot to do! The gardens are completely overgrown and need trimming and weeding. I also need carpentry/handyman help mending the shop and a few other out buildings. The fences need repair as well. It is enjoyable work due to being surrounded by such beauty and getting glimpses of wildlife at times.

I have taken over the management of my childhood home and the other adjoining properties. One of the homes is a group home for disabled persons, in which my brother lives. I work part-time and work on the property part-time. The properties became a bit overgrown and fell into some disrepair as my mother grew older. I am trying to fix things up and turn it into more of a working farm of sorts. There is a barn that I hope will house a sheep and goat soon.Volunteers would work 4-8 hours, depending on the work to be completed . In a one week stay I would expect 4 days of work and 3 days to yourself to explore. I'm fairly flexible, but I work hard and would expect you to work hard along with me. There are two bedrooms that share one bathroom and I would be happy to have two helpers stay at a time. The bedrooms look out into the woods. I prefer you come with food you like to eat, but I will provide breakfast for two days and dinner for one day.

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