Brainstorm Homeschool

What we exchange with our volunteers: 1. Teaching techniques. If you are already a teacher we can share our experiences. 2. Exploring the local Chaiangmai areas (hot springs, caves, mountains, markets, waterfalls) during free time. 3. Eating local and traditional Thai food both at the school and around the area. 4. Teaching volunteers how to cook by using different techniques. Some dishes I have taught before to volunteers are: honey toast, green curry, shabu shabu, tom yum soup, padthai, papaya salad etc. 5. Meet local people around Chaingmai. They are always eager to get to know volunteers because they don’t see a lot of foreigners.

we are family just 3 people in our family and I am a teacher who works with Government. We live in the downtown where agriculture part of Thailand.

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