Cactus Surf And Skate House

if you love surfing and skating in perfect weather it's the place to be also I would love to teach them Moroccan/classic Arabic/French and English in need why not :)

we will treat them like family since we are Moroccans we grew up in a community used to cheering and helping each other its in our culture also if they are traveling around morocco I can help them find perfect places for volunteering all around morocco

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I absolutely loved my time at Cactus! Younes and the guys are so welcoming and really created a home away from home for me! The jobs are fair and hours are well respected. It really is all about team work there, for example a few times I had a lot of beds to make for check in but the guys came and helped out. Memories of a lifetime have been made at Cactus and i’ll for sure be back! 🤠 100% recommend < 3

about 1 month ago



One of the best travel experiences, extended a month and still wasn't ready to leave. The boys are so welcoming, felt as though I was taken in like family and taught me a lot re surfing, skating and local language. People in reviews mention the hill- there are short cuts that halve the journey so ask someone to show you when you get there to save yourself time. Tasks are super chill, the breakfast is lovely and the terrace is dreamy. You are close to some good waves and other surf towns so try and do a day or overnight. Tamraght is a lovely town with less tourists for an authentic experience

about 2 months ago



I don’t have enough words for explain how amazing and beautiful was my volunteer on cactus, but I can try say some stuffs… Since the first moment I fel the good energy on the hostel. Younes, Zack and Larbi (owners) are super kind, generous and good people. They give for the volunteers all the freedom for we stay the most comfortable as possible. The tasks are very easy and you can have a lot of hours for chilling and enjoy the village, the beach, go to surf, go to events and meet nice people. I loved each second on Cactus and definitely I recommend this volunteer. Thank u for everything <3

2 months ago



Cactus Surf and Skate is a really nice hostel and the team who run it are wonderful and so kind. The tasks are fair, simple and easy. If you're ever confused or need help they're only a text away which is always reassuring. It's a welcoming environment and everyone is inclusive.
I had a great time enjoying the slow and lovely beach life that Tamraght has to offer. It's a get to know everyone kind of place so by the end of your stay you'll realise how you've become a familiar face which is a really nice experience.

4 months ago



I really enjoyed my time at Cactus. All of the boys are kind people, helping you with everything and doing their best to make you feel like home. The hostel is also really clean and modern, and has a really chilled vibe. It‘s the best place if you‘re looking for a place to enjoy a slow life near to the beach, with a lot of amazing sunsets, good music and food. The tasks are really easy and it‘s not too much work to do!
Thanks for having me guys, hoping to see you soon !

5 months ago

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