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We are Emmanuel and Juliana and together with Kauê, our 9 years old child, we live in a small village in the Spanish Pyrenees. Juliana (Brazilian) is a teacher, singer and dancer while Emmanuel (Belgian) works as a regenerative consultant in the built environment. Our home is a pleasant place to live with a strong connection to nature, a garden based on permaculture principles and an interior biophilic design that makes you feel at home.
We are looking for volunteers who like to be involved in the raising of Kauê and help us out with cooking and taking care of the house and the garden. Ideally, you have a specific interest in the field of childcare and you enjoy creating little projects together with Kauê, sourced from your own interests and aimed at developing Kauê´s curiosity and skills. We also value good cooking skills and ideally you are comfortable driving a car.
What we can offer you besides lodging and food is our experience in regenerative education, specifically Hand in hand parenting, Zen Practice , Singing classes and Chi Kung.
We also have a dog called Maya who loves to go on hikes so we are looking for someone who likes dogs as well.
So if the above resonates with you we would love to connect.
Emmanuel and Juliana.

We are located in a small village and we tend to host 2 volunteers. So most of the time will be spent in and around the house with our small family. If you are looking for larger communities this may not be the right volunteering opportunity for you. But if you like to hang out with our family and enjoy nature, then let us know. To get to our place, you can take a train or a bus from Barcelona which is 3 hours away. We will pick you up at the bus or train station. During your time off, you can enjoy walks in nature and explore the surroundings. This is a place for people that enjoy the quietness and beauty of nature. A drivers licence and feeling comfortable driving is a big plus. We prefer stays of 4 weeks minimum up to 8 weeks.

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Cal Guerxo is a wonderful place. Volunteering brought me many stories and great moments. It's a great place to connect with nature and yourself.
My routine was to keep the house organized and clean, wash clothes, cook food, play and help take Kauê to school.
The hosts don't have well-defined tasks, or a period and amount of daily work time, many activities came up at the last minute, this caused different working hours during the days, for me this was a challenge but also a learning opportunity.
It's a very interesting family. I am so grateful for the opportunity, learning and hospitality!

3 months ago

Emmanuel replied

Thank you Camila for being part of our family. It was a joy having you with us.



Cal Guerxo is a nice place for connecting with nature/ focusing on yourself. You have a lot of freedom when it comes to organising your tasks. We enjoyed supporting the family by cooking meals, cleaning, playing with Kauê and gardening. Juliana was always kind, willing to communicate with us and showed gratitude. Unfortunately, Manu avoided conversations with us. To approaches from us he reacted rejecting and unfriendly. According to that we felt uncomfortable. But that someone isn’t even able to say goodbye properly at the end of living together for 4 weeks is already disrespectful.

4 months ago



No podría estar más agradecido con Ku y Manu , personas que se preocupan por ti , quieren hacerte sentir muy cómodo , kaūe me hizo recordar las partes hermosas de mi infancia , la conexión con la naturaleza y El Niño interno que tenía dormido se despertó de muchas maneras aprendiendo de sostenibilidad y divertirse como un niño , nunca olvidare a cal guerxo , esta experiencia me abrió lo ojos para saber más cosas de mi y que quiero en la vida .

6 months ago



Por fortuna este fue mi primer voluntariado y fue más increíble de lo que pensaba.
Cal Guerxo es un lugar perfecto para conectar con la naturaleza y conectar con
uno mismo. Fue muy interesante aprender sobre sostenibilidad y huerto.

Manu y Juliana fueron unos anfitriones muy buenos, me compartieron muchísimo conocimiento y perspectivas de la vida.
Compartir tiempo con Kauê fue recordar esa parte de niño que todxs tenemos guardada, fue una experiencia de aprendizaje y diversión.

Sin duda, Cal Guerxo es un lugar que siempre guardaré en mi corazón.

6 months ago



Nuestra estadía fue maravillosa, la casa es muy linda, los paisajes, las vistas.
Manu, Ju, Kauê Y Maya hicieron que nuestro paso por los Pirineos fuese una experiencia muy linda que quedará guardado en nuestros corazones.
Siempre nos ayudaron cuando queríamos visitar algún lugar, nos prestaron el carro y tuvimos bicicletas eléctricas siempre a disposición!
Un abrazo enorme para todos en el mágico Cal guerxo :)

7 months ago

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