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We are Emmanuel and Juliana and together with Kauê, our 8 years old child, we live in a small village in the Spanish Pyrenees. Juliana (Brazilian) is a teacher, singer and dancer while Emmanuel (Belgian) works as a regenerative consultant in the built environment. Our home is a pleasant place to live with a strong connection to nature, a garden based on permaculture principles and an interior biophilic design that makes you feel at home. We are looking for a couple of volunteers who like to be involved in the raising of Kauê and help us out with cooking and taking care of the house and the garden. Ideally, you have a specific interest in the field of childcare and you enjoy creating little projects together with Kauê, sourced from your own interests and aimed at developing Kauê´s curiosity and skills. What we can offer you besides lodging and food is our experience in regenerative education, specifically hand in hand parenting. We also have a dog called Maya who loves to go on hikes so we are looking for someone who likes dogs as well. So if the above resonates with you we would love to connect. Emmanuel and Juliana.

We are located in a small village. To get there, you need to take a train from Barcelona (3-hour train ride) to a nearby train station. I pick you up at the train station which is 15 minutes by car from the house. During your time off, you can enjoy walks in nature and explore the surroundings. This is a place for people that enjoy the quietness and beauty of nature. There is a bus station near the house allowing you to go and visit some of the neigbouring towns. A drivers licence and feeling comfortable driving is a big plus. We prefer stays of 4 weeks minimum up to 6 weeks.


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My time at Calguerxo was wonderful, Emmanuel and Juliana are so welcoming and friendly. I learnt a lot with them and I really enjoy my time there with Kauê and Maya also !
I definitely recommend this amazing family that share love, care and smile everyday.
See you soon ! 😉

3 days ago



Manu's home is a truly magical place. From day one we felt at home and we especially enjoyed the warm welcome from Maya (🐶). We had a lot of freedom with our working hours and the work was at times physical but mostly fun. He often joined us and we knew what needed to be done. However, a few words of appreciation for our efforts would have been nice. Same goes for the cooking. It was agreed upon that we'd do the majority of the cooking outside of the working hours. That's why we'd have appreciated a little bit more of recognition. Overall we enjoyed our time at Cal Guerxo and recommend it. :)

3 months ago

United Kingdom


Cal Guerxo is an incredible place and Emmanuel is an amazing individual. I felt at home at once, appreciating the thought that has been put into the home and how it co-evolves with nature. It was refreshing to experience the autonomy and responsibility given to volunteers by Emmanuel to design and create things for his home. The weekly sessions on regenerative thinking and design are insightful and bring new perspectives. There was so much to learn and one month was not long enough to take it all in! I would highly highly recommend a stay in this idyllic home.

over 1 year ago



Qué puedo decir de mi estancia en Cal Guerxo (Bresca). Ha sido una experiencia inolvidable en un lugar mágico. La casa esta situada en un lugar alejado del ruido de las ciudades, en medio de la naturaleza, donde puedes conectar con esa energía que te transmite esta. El nivel de mi energía vital con el que me he sentido todas estas semanas ha sido espectacular. Además, Emmanuel esta desarrollando un proyecto super bonito de desarrollo regenerativo con la casa y los voluntarios, un concepto hoy en día muy desconocido por la sociedad. Emmanuel MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS por esta experiencia.

almost 2 years ago



Es mi primer experiencia como voluntario, y como a muchos nos pasa al principio tenemos miedos!
En este caso todo el miedo se fue cuando conocí a Emmanuel, su carisma, sencillez y su predisposición hacia los voluntarios, siempre muy atento a nuestras necesidades.
Estoy muy contento de haber llegado a este lugar mágico, todo es maravilloso!
Este voluntariado me deja muchos conocimientos, la importancia que tiene la naturaleza en nuestras vidas, la forma de adaptarnos a ella sin causar daño, un estilo de vida sustentable y regenerativo.
Simplemente puedo decir GRACIAS, y hasta pronto!

about 2 years ago

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