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Una excelente experiencia vivida en Casa Aldea, tareas y horarios bien distribuidls y justos, 3 días libres a la semana que eran perfectos para ir a otra zona del país quedarse y disfrutar de estos lugares (ir a la playa o la montaña). Las areas comunes muy buenas y la oportunidad de relacionarse con otros viajeros. Emir fue un gran anfitrión, muy comprensivo y flexible. El lugar es bastante céntrico en San José que permite adentrarse en la cultura local.

5 months ago

Casa replied

The good volunteers show their presence, and with their arrival, great changes were felt in our hotel. We wrote our comment about him, but we would like to thank him again. Do not hesitate to take this young and reliable man with you, because he will try to help you as much as he can.

United States


The work wasn’t hard but the living areas for staff was DISGUSTING. There are bugs everywhere, pipes broken so smells like sewer 24/7 and windows don’t shut so can’t sleep because it’s always loud outside on the street. Overall nothing is clean even the staff kitchen was full of bugs. Couldn’t handle it so left early.

7 months ago

Casa replied

They came as 2 friends. No matter how positive her friend Reagan was and wanted to help, Meranda showed the exact opposite attitude. Not only did I observe this as a manager, but also the employees in our restaurant had the same opinion about her. We stated that we would fumigate the day after their 2-night experience, and we fumigated the room and the kitchen where the volunteers stayed. If we were spraying, there would be consequences for it. She should have mentioned in her critique that spraying was done that day. Love it or hate it, she could have left here the next day, no one told her to stay, it's a good thing she left because the energy she gave us would also affect the other volunteers. The room and kitchen we provide volunteers are areas that were established with the efforts of our previous volunteers, these are our conditions, she may not be happy with them, in this case she was free to leave which she did at the end. By the way, we would like to inform everyone here that she left our hotel without any notice, we consider this a disrespectful act.

We are a 13-year-old establishment, we have hosted hundreds of volunteers, some volunteers come, they leave on time as promised, some even extend their 1-month period to 3 months, or some do not like the conditions on the same or next day they leave. We do not force anyone to stay with us. People come for a project, they believe in that project, and they become partners in helping the project reach its goal. We want everything to develop naturally, if a volunteer is willing to help, they stay, to others we say goodbye.

We will follow her other experiences here, we are curious about other hosts comments about her, most likely they will be negative, we hope we are wrong. Our opinion is that this person is not efficient and enthusiastic enough, and unfortunately we cannot recommend her to anyone.