Center of Mystic arts

This is a place to explore life as an Art, create art in different mediums, recharge, get inspired, and create your own unique rituals to focus and heighten your artistic experience. We are nestled in an amazing Jungle right next to a river, just south of a beach where two beaches merge as one, and just North of a nesting grounds for hundreds of turtles! We have Howler Monkeys in the trees a bamboo garden, and a killer fire pit for communion. This place is perfect for personal retreats and creativity. The project is the life dream of Mystic Eve, who loves good conversation, and has 20 years experience as a Tattooist with many stories to share. "I want to create a unique and special place, some would call a "sacred space", for people to learn, share, and have a memorable experience they will cherish for life... and maybe get a tattoo or two.  The 'work' exchange is very light, only 12-14 hours a week and consists of art projects either in the house or working out side. Plus you are able to create your own schedule, around the things you wish to do and your own inspiration. I do have a really super cool 3 yr old daughter and babysitting is always helpful We are open to receive people who want to share their style of art and explore life as an art. We will create your own retreat experience by working with you on what you wish to do while you are here, as well as working with your artistic work schedule. We have a lot of materials to work with and you will be free to work on whatever art project calls you, using the resources we have. May all of you seek truth in your travels, feel gratitude deeply, and give energy back to the whole. Love and Light

You will learn alot about living simply as a minamalist, and you will be treated as family, having the freedom to explore your own creativity as well as exploring the area.

Perfect for you if you're looking for

Contact with nature