Centro d'Ompio

Looking for food for the mind, body and soul ? Traveling the world and need a place to reset ? Searching for the real you ? Studying online courses and need new scenery ? Wanting to connect with nature ? Need creative impulses ?Or just looking people from all over the world in a calm atmosphere where mountains meet one of Italy`s most pristine lakes? The volunteers at Centro d Òmpio! For decade we have had volunteers from around the globe, from all kinds of fields and backgrounds. We offer : Free Huosing Free Wifi Free vegetarian food Amazing nature Friendship across nations, cultures and backgrounds. Help us with operating one of Europe `s leading international seminar centers. You `ll immediately be part of the team, helping out in areas such as : Garden work Painting Cooking Housekeeping

Among our frequent clients, we find groups offering yoga,meditation,consciousness training.If the schedule allows it, you can partIcipate in these workshops. We also have a pool that is absolutely refreshing on hot summer days. You will work on 5-5 schedule, 5 days a week for 5 hours. The rest of time is yours. We are looking for people interested fro April and throughout the 2020 season. Send us a short bio and CV to [email protected] For more about us , visit www.ompio.org

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Contact with nature

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Yoga / Meditation