Centro de Permacultura Rambuche

Our project in Manabí, Ecuador at the rural community of Rambuche, in a Ecosocial Regenerative Post Earthquake program dedicated to help this community to rebuild and restore their houses, farms and nature in a sustainable, resilient and peaceful way, through implementing a Permaculture Communitary Center dedicated to develop local capacities and give support to the process of transitioning to a local economy based on organic crops and ecotourism. Volunteers can expect to learn from natural and anti-seismic construction, agroecological orchards, good water management, community organization, among others during their time with our project. Those who come to volunteer are gladly received by the community and we have a family-feel vibe amongst those who are working on this project, with all those who help feeling like they are contributing to creating something very special for the community. It is a rewarding experience to be a part of a project like this.

WE OFFER: - Space for a tent - Food, breakfast, lunch and dinner - Tours discounts - Access to bioconstruction and permaculture workshops HOURS OF WORK: 6 hours a day DAYS FREE: 2 per week MINIMUM STAY: 5 days COST: 50 USD per week. This payment helps us to cover food as it is a post-earthquake project in an affected community there is no income to subsidize the participation of volunteers. All volunteers are greeted with friendly, warm, open arms and are welcome to stay as long as they can to help us in completing this project for the community. We have a high-vibe and friendly community/family spirit with those who are volunteering and also the community of Rambuche. We hope you can join us!


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Como todavia no habian comenzado con el trabajo fue imposible para mi poder quedarme en Rambuche, aunque el proyecto tenia muy buena pinta

almost 4 years ago

United States


I had an amazing experience with Piedad and Centro de Permacultura Rambuche!
Piedad is not only professional but mindful, kind, and lighthearted which created a happy atmosphere not only to work but to thrive while doing so. Both her and her colleagues were fantastically adaptable to the situations we encountered and made it easy for us to participate in productive ways. They went with the flow of things (as Ecuadoreans are great at doing :)), were thoughtful, understanding and motivating thus creating a delightful environment to live and work, making our experience satisfyingly unforgettable

about 4 years ago


This was a very gratifying project to be a part of. The work is necessary everywhere of course, but to have the opportunity to be involved on the grassroots level with a project such as this & work to manifest the visions of permaculture from the ground up is a beautiful thing. Especially in the wake of such natural disaster, looking at it as an opportunity to facilitate sustainable growth rather than a mere tragedy seems to be the outlook here. Baron and Piedad are forces of nature to be reckoned with, embodying such progress through hard work and compassion with much love and generosity!!

over 4 years ago

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