Charles Bridge Hostel and Apartments

We have great location to visit all the must see sights
We are a dream team of friends
Being tour operator as well, you get some free tours as a bonus
You get staff rates for drinks in our music bar.

We are all friends, young team, and we keep our working ecosystem fresh and friendly. We are straight acting to all the problems that arrive.


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Had the most amazing time in Prague! The hours were clear and respected and you also had the flexibility to choose your days off. Every week you get breakfast foods to use throughout the week, which is great. The work is at first a bit challenging, because it’s also a tourist information point, but you’ll learn fast. The real stars of this volunteering position were the staff of the hostel, all very helpful and welcoming. And of course is Prague a beautiful city where there’s always something to do! Thanks to the whole staff and my co-volunteer Alessia for making my time here so memorable!

10 days ago



I really enjoyed my time at the Charles bridge hostel, these weeks have been one of the most amazing times of my life!!
The people, the staff and the volunteers truly make the experience 100x better!!
The location is really great and while working you always have someone that can help you if needed in call or in person.
Furthermore the food for breakfast is a lot and good, you can give suggestions for the schedule of each week and you have free tours and a pub crawl which I did!
These place left me with many lessons and memories, thank you so much for this opportunity!

about 1 month ago



My time in Charles Bridge Hostel was perfect. I really enjoy everything, the working hours where respected, also the free days. As a volunteer you need to have a good level of English cause you’re going to be selling tours and working in the shop, the job in general it’s pretty easy if you have previous experience with reception.
The hostel is very well located and you get the chance to know the city because of the tours!
I really recommend to volunteer in here, the staff are absolutely lovely and I’m looking forward to come as soon as I can💗

about 2 months ago

Costa Rica


It was definitely one of the worst volunteering experiences ever: more than 30 hours per week, they got a complete heavy focus on sales, they provide zero hostel vibes and the place has zero common areas to connect with travelers. The place is a mess. They offered or promised things but they never complied with them. I wouldn’t even recommend it to my worst enemy to stay here. They forced everyone to extra heavy work outside of the volunteer scope. It’s unreal. I won’t trust any of their “good” reviews. Be aware of their intense manipulation and deceiving practices. They want you to sell.

3 months ago

Jerry replied

As we mentioned in the review, Fabian stole from us and he admitted it when we found out and asked.
I'm very sorry Fabian that after you hurt us by trusting you, are trying to hurt us again.

I hope one day you will understand that an honest life leads to a greater happiness than a short term gain.
Wish you all good things.

United States


The amount of unforgettable memories this left me with, simply put… wow. The staff; Janka, Ivan, Horek, Anca, Karla, etc are some of the most beautiful pupils i’ve ever met. Each new traveler provides their own unique radiance to the place, and the overall environment is one you’ll undoubtedly warm up to. On unique occasions you’ll juggle more then the agreed upon tasks, yet from perspective it only evolves your ability within management and residing conflict. Never in my life did I think to spend 3 months in Prague, yet it remains one of best decisions i’ve ever made.
Would 100% recommend

4 months ago

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