Cloud Berry Farm

You will have opportunity to have interaction with Korean family. At the same time, you are able to learn about farming (we plant strawberries, tomatoes and sweet potatoes) in countryside.
Most of the time volunteers have to help korean children to cook or to do some activites (in english).

We treat all volunteers with respect and we hope this is mutual. We provide weekly schedule to volunteers so that they are able to plan their free time in advance.

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Sam is an incredibly friendly and generous host! He spends a lot of time with the volunteers, bringing us on spontaneous trips & day trips. The group of volunteers I met during my stay at Cloudberry were so fun to be around! The workload was manageable and I thoroughly enjoyed the farm programs.

17 days ago



Cloudberry is definitely one of the most unique places I have stayed at.
The work is mix of farming and working with kids and family's and the hours are very reasonable.
Sam and Leo are the best hosts and there are a lot of other volunteers.
If you are thinking about it, I would definitely recommend going to Cloudberry

about 1 month ago

United Kingdom


I really enjoyed my time at cloudberry! Sam and Leo are very kind and generous hosts. The work included both farming and teaching. I feel like the hours were very reasonable, and we receive a lot of benefits in return. I am very grateful for all the memories I made at cloudberry and I would definitely recommend it as a place to visit if you are willing to work hard and even get a little dirty.

2 months ago



Cloudberry was my first volunteering experience, and I only have good memories of it. Sam and Léo are two incredible people who make you feel very comfortable and who want to share a lot of things with the volunteers. The work is quite simple, if you are hesitant to choose Cloudberry don't hesitate anymore it is by far one of the best experiences of my life and I can never thank them enough for that.

3 months ago



This was my very first volunteering experience and I’m so thankful i did it with cloudberry!! Everybody was nice and welcoming from the beginning and I never felt uncomfortable in the slightest. The work is easy and rewarding! I would definitely recommend this volunteering opportunity at the cloudberry farm if you’re thinking about it!!

3 months ago

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