Cloud Berry Farm

You will have opportunity to have interaction with Korean family. At the same time, you are able to learn about farming (we plant strawberries, tomatoes and sweet potatoes) in countryside.
Most of the time volunteers have to help korean children to cook or to do some activites (in english).

We treat all volunteers with respect and we hope this is mutual. We provide weekly schedule to volunteers so that they are able to plan their free time in advance. We are looking for the volunteer who can stay at least 2 months. Thank you!

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This was my first time traveling alone and I think I definitely made the right choice to choose Cloudberry. There’s so many other kind travelers to hang out with and so much free time. The farm work is easy and only lasts a couple of hours and the kids are all so adorable. The split of work responsibilities between farm work and summer classes changes with the seasons, so keep that in mind. Sam and Leo were great hosts and provide a great experience in the Korean countryside!

about 1 month ago



This was my first volunteering experience and it did not disappoint! I was an amazing month full of new people and opportunities. Sam is an incredible host who always cared about out needs and provided help if necessary. All the volunteers were friendly and it truly felt like home away from home:) I cannot recommend it enough but I am sure that if you try you will not regret it! Truly an unforgettable experience<3

about 2 months ago



My time at Cloudberry was one of the most incredible experience I ever had. Thankful to have such awesome hosts, Sam&Leo, and I really enjoyed meeting all the amazing people there. Definitely created memories I will keep for life! :))

2 months ago



Este fue mi primer voluntariado y estaba muy nerviosa porque tambien era mi primera vez viajando sola, sin embargo, la experiencia fue mucho mejor de lo que esperaba. Sam, Leo y todo el equipo de voluntarios me apoyaron mucho y tuvieron mucha paciencia conmigo, la comida casera era excelente, las instalaciones super comodas y siempre habian reuniones para conversar, reir, cantar y divertirse de forma tranquila en casa o incluso salir a pasear y comer con todo el equipo. Respecto a las tareas, estas eran sencillas y las actividades con los niños gratificantes. Gracias por la oportunidad!!!

5 months ago



It was my first experience with Worldpackers and I am happy I chose CloudBerry Farm. It is close to Gimhae and Busan. Visited both cities on my days off or after finishing work. Sam and Leo are great hosts and very accommodating. The Mom is cooking great food every day, suitable for vegetarians (even more if they are relaxed about it), some vegan options are also available. It is all home cooked food and for me, it was always delicious, especially the Saturday bibimbap. On weekends, we tend to have dinner together and as well have a welcome gathering/ leaving due for all volunteers.Loved it.

5 months ago

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