Cofradia Bilingual Center

The school is located in the lovely town of Cofradia, Cortes, near to the Carribean coast of Honduras. We aim to offer a top-quality, affordable bilingual education to our children and a level of community support and involvement that does not exist in the local public schools. Many of our kids come from very low socio-economic backgrounds and thanks to our volunteers we are able to offer them a free or low cost bilingual education they could not otherwise afford. Being bilingual in Honduras is a massive advantage and gives our kids the chance to end the cycle of poverty for themselves and for their families.

Our volunteers love working with the students at our school as well as the bond that is created between our teachers. At any one time we normally have between 4 and 6 volunteers teaching with us. Our volunteers typically spend the time after school together and often travel together at the weekends to the rivers in town.

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