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Do you enjoy meeting new people? Would you like to laugh out loud with the rest of the staff, taste our herbal tea selection or to share some of your favourite songs with everyone? Do you want to join us for a great dinner with the guests, have film nights on our loft area or just to stare at art pieces from various friends of ours? Do you like the smell of fresh bed sheets and to keep tidiness around you? We're looking for you then! We are not a big Hostel, so you won't be just a number. Our group of people (regular staff) have been knowing each other for a long time and we spend even our spare time in the Hostel to support the receptionists! Join our group and enjoy the vibe of the Nest! We are connected to local artists and art projects (expl. Painters Palace) and festivals (Taka Tuka Island Festival, Kolorado, Goulash Disko), which gives you even more opportunities to take!

We are a group of friends, who work together. We take care of each other, support each other and enjoy life. We're looking at guests as new friends, since our Nest seem to attract amazing people who often extend their stay, or even move to the city!


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The hostel is beautiful and location is great, with lots of public transport!
Tasks were super easy and quick to do, although teamwork was a weakness.
As regards people, I will concentrate on Kata only, who has been an incredible manager from beginning to end. Thank you for letting me stay in the middle of a pandemic and helping me with all my paper work in Budapest. Definitely the best impression I can have from Hungarian people is thanks to you! And thank you to the owners as well for saying yes to me even when tourism business is not in its best moment!

4 months ago

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