Echoes of Light

this is a healing sanctuary in nature far from the distractions and pollution of the city, in a lush beautiful peaceful and safe area in the mountains.

This is a small family run establishment and newly growing community with a relaxed and loving atmosphere. we arent always busy with healing clients but we are always active in our spiritual and healing practices and we always welcome Volunteers here with open hearts. All those who come are treated like family and never asked to do work they dont feel comfortable or capable of doing. we have had a few volunteers come through already via a different platform and they extended their stays because they felt so comfortable and happy at our place.

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United Kingdom


Echoes of light is an amazing place, everyone is so welcoming and lovely. I did gardening, it took a few days to get used to the work but once I did it was great. The town which has a few shops is about an hours walk away, but you can get a taxi easily. The hours of work are respected, I would definitely recommend!

1 day ago



Echoes of light is the perfect place if you want to get to know yourself more deeply. The hours of work and the days off were always respected. I found myself going on walks around the property a lot and the nature there is so beautiful, you really connect with it. The ceremonies were amazing. I cried, laughed, smiled and really opened my heart during them. There’s attractions around the area like rio Celeste waterfalls, Heliconias rainforest lodge, sloth tours.. that you can visit after your work or on your days off! The people there really greets you with an open heart. 💛

14 days ago



incredible experience in the nature! it's the perfect spot to meditate on yourself and do shadow work! The family is super sweet and would make you feel like home. Lauren is sweetness on feet 🥰 she will make sure that you are feeling good and safe. there is beautiful spot nearby like the river, the waterfall or just take a walk in the village. It was a game changer for me and I really appreciated every moment, ceremony and cleansing I did. I can't thank you enough for everything! ❤️

27 days ago

United States


My time at Echos of Light was such a beautiful experience! If you are looking to connect with yourself & spend time in nature this is the place to be! The family was very giving & kind to me during my stay! They all work so hard to keep this place as magical as it is especially lauren who is so attentive to the volunteers there! I’m lucky to have had an opportunity to experience such a beautiful place & make deep connections to other volunteers! Can’t wait to see them again! 🥰

about 2 months ago



My experience at echoes of life was unbelievable. Everyone around the retreat is incredibly friendly and open-hearted. Valerie and Lauren really give you the feeling of a comfortable surrounding directly after you arrive. And you shouldn’t miss one of their medical plant ceremonies, totally life changing and helpful for everyone who’s on his/her spiritual journey. ✌🏼

2 months ago

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