El Timbre AC

· For those looking for something different in a simple but wonderful and unknown place, with mountains, crystal clear rivers, archaeological sites, jungle and beaches in the southeast of the state of Veracruz... · For those wanting to discover nature in a free way, getting involved in community work and living the rural Mexico in an interethnic region with nahua, nuntajiiyi' and mestizo communities... · For those who like to interact with animals: wild animals, poultry and pets... · For those with a spirit of solidarity to support projects that search to revaluate the local wisdom and our relationship with nature... If that's you, then you're at the right place!

· We (Alberto and Nele) are a couple who, about 6 years ago, decided to make a radical change in our lives, leaving urban life behind and moving to the countryside. Since then, we learned to live in nature being part of her, with the help of teachings of the elders of the community about natural medicine, construction technics, local gastronomy, among other things. We are working towards a self-sustaining life producing our own food (vegetables, fruit and animals). We live together with a whole bunch of animals: our 3 dogs, snakes (boa constrictors), turtles (mainly endemic species), chickens, rabbits, rats and mice. · Three years ago, we created a non-profit organization called El Timbre AC that searches to revalue the biocultural (natural+cultural) heritage of the region, the Sierra de Santa Marta. We do this by artistic, playful and educative workshops in schools and creating visual material (explanatory sheets, videos, painted murals...). You can find more information on www.eltimbre.org or on facebook @eltimbreac. · We have a small ecological reserve (1.2 hectares of jungle), which is the home of howler and spider monkeys. Recently we started a vanilla plantation in our reserve. Although it's still in an experimental stage, we hereby hope to impulse viable productive alternatives for locals and reduce deforestation. We are looking for volunteers who feel at home in nature, need little to be happy and are open to other cultures and worldviews. A good physical condition is necessary to help in the ecological reserve (as it's a brisk 40-minutes walk to get there). The work at our place is really variable: you'll help us in the garden and with the animals, making canned vegetables and fruit (jam, tanned chili peppers, pickled vegetables) and natural medicine (syrups, tinctures, shampoo), doing some construction and maintenance work at home and in the ecological reserve, assisting at the vanilla plantation... Depending on your interests and capacities we make up a workplan together. If you're familiar with website development, social media and/or video making, you can help us creating visual material for the non-profit organization. If you have an artistic talent or another gift willing to share with youngsters of the community, we can organize a workshop together. In your free time you can enjoy the river at just 5-minutes from ours, explore the mountain or go to a nearby beach. There's WiFi to connect with the world outside (although sometimes when nature takes over we might be without electricity for some hours). The people in town are also keen on meeting new people. You'll be received at our home, in a warm atmosphere of mutual support and sympathy that characterizes the people of Veracruz. We know there's a lot of bad news about Mexico and Veracruz in the international media, but the region we live in is really safe. It's a municipality consisting of small towns where everybody knows everybody and the communities are well organized among themselves. Public transportation to our place is safe, but we recommend to avoid traveling at night. We can agree on the transportation to our place: if you feel secure to travel by yourself or if we pick you up somewhere in the route. We have one private bedroom in our humble house. If volunteers coincide at the same time, the bedroom can be shared or there're space to put up a tent or a hammock.

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