Finca Lulu

Simply because you'll never regret. We take care of your experience at Finca Lulu. We want you to explore, learn and enjoy a daily life full of energy. We invest a lot of time making sure your experience would transform the way you see life and nature. We take care of details so your experience is so good that you would like to share it.

We are a family at Finca Lulu, we have daily activities and interesting projects every day. We organize ourselves based on the numbers of volunteers and distribute daily activities. Volunteers are really happy at our place and we take care it stays so. So we offer the following commodities: - 3 Meals a day (vegan and vegetarian food also) - Private or shared rooms - Planed yoga sessions - Free tours in the Farm and surroundings (river, forest, hot-springs) - Weekly grill, vegan or vegetarian food is included as juices and fruits. To see more information about our activities, species at the farm, projects, and others. Please refer to

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Brand new host looking for people to collaborate with each other.

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