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Mark (review HostelBookers): " FunkLounge is by far thd most valuable hostel on this planet. I have stayed in dozens of hostels during nearly 5yrs of world travel. A sincere warm welcome was given to me on arrival. During my stay i witnessed the same to every other guest. The atmosphere generated by the staff is exactly what i look for in a hostel. The staff are super friendl, well experienced, helpful 24hrs every day, and amazing music guaranteed at reception. The facility is well equipped. And i absolutely love thd beds. Cleanliness is noticeably top priority. The FunkLounge bar/restaurant is just as impressive as the hostel. The staff are professional and very friendly, the chefs are accommodating, and the choice of music is just right. FunkLounge location was to me central to so many things (Maksimir Park, mountains, and walking distance to the city attractions. Trams and taxis are also available and cheap from FunkLounge. The FunkClub is definately worth experiencing. Great music, great vibes, great staff, great place. To the entire extended Funk family (Nikola, Maja, Dado, Kruno, Tomy, Ivek, Tea, Kiki, Rob, Anja, Mia) you have made my stay in Zagreb pleasantly unforgettable. Thank you. And a super special thanks to two amazing angels, Anja and Mia. Sorry Mia, i meant fairy! You truly are a funkadelic fairy. One love to all of you."

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Funk Loungue Hostel is amazing! One of my best experiences !! the atmosphere of the place makes you feel at home, and it is a constant learning of how you work in a hostel, but the best thing is the people who work there, the staff is very friendly, I have made great friends and spend great moments like celebrating my Birthday, it was great, I'll never forget it!
work is easy if you work hard and fast, and pay attention to what they need, everything will be easier for you, they will give you a breakfast, a bed and a lot of love, you will receive more than what you give. thank mia, anja,matea!

5 days ago


Well, I need to say that is true. Funk Lounge is an awesome place, the staff become your family really soon and after a while you don't want to leave the place. I could stay a year but I needed to go out for the visa situation.
The tasks are easy and the hour of work is more than fair. In exchange you will have breakfast all day, a bed to sleep and all the love that this people can give but you need to show commitment and be responsible!
Thanks so much Anja, Mia, Mateja, Mateo, Petra, Tony and Ema. I already miss this new family :)

about 1 month ago


Incredible place with amazing people. The work is exactly what they report and it's very quiet! Anyway, I formed a family there and I'm sure I'll be back (just like everyone comes back hahaha)... thanks for everything girls, you are amazing!!! ♥️

about 1 month ago


I love the expeience the work is easy the girls is amazing,Zagreb is beautiful City.Matea is so Cute always help and make one party in my birthday...💓Love this experience..Iam make my the best for Help...Tks girls

3 months ago


Do I have enough words to describe this amazing hostel? The best thing of travelling is sharing love, and the Funk family is pure love and happiness. I enjoyed every single day with all the team. I'm so grateful for this experience! Thank you, you'll be in my heart for ever!

5 months ago

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