This village was born from a dream of two friends. We have some wonderful itineraries of uncommon places to visit: caves, waterfalls, trekking, canoeing, big tree, fascinating temples, hot springs, the largest dam, and our beautiful river where we cool, we swim, and fishing. Walking in the forest, in January, the Rataflesia , a flower, the largest in the world that was born only here. This is the most primitive forest of the planet

Volunteers and residents live under the same conditions together as we prepare the day's program. Every day we dedicate ourselves to routine maintenance: we feed the chickens and the dogs, water the garden and collect fruit and vegetables to eat together. Sometimes we make jams or canned fruit for our breakfast.


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Lele and everyone I met at Gaarawe was absolutely lovely!

The tasks ranged from gardening to cleaning and cooking but as long as you have a good team every task is fun!
We mostly worked before lunch (because of the heat). In the afternoon we walked to the shop, swam in the river or just chilled. Additionally there are a few caves in the area and of course khao sok nationalpark.

about 2 months ago



Gaarawe ha sido una experiencia de vida totalmente diferente para mi lugar es una maravilla es estar conectado completamente con la naturaleza el despertar con las aves y dormir con el sonido de las ranas es estar completamente desconectados de la ciudad y eso no se compara con nada Lele siempre está pendiente de tus necesidades y está abierto a cualquier problema que tengas o situación las tareas al hacerlas en equipo se vuelven sencillas y aprendes muchísimo de la Permacultura un lugar completamente diferente en Tailandia si es lo que estás buscando yo lo recomendaría 100%

about 2 months ago



I spent one month at Garawee and I really loved it. If you want to get the full nature experience, Garawee is the place to go. It isn’t everything fully organized, but this make this place even more adorable. There is a big variety of tasks to do and they are even for unexperienced people affordable. Just try everything out. I’m sure some tasks will fit for you. And for your free time, you have a great community with other volunteers here. Therefore you won’t be lonely here and also get some travel buddies here. I can recommend Garawee and the Wi-Fi is even better than in many hotels.

2 months ago



My first experience and my expectations were more than met. You will find yourself in this wonderful thai farm, living a peaceful life, as a kind of spiritual retreat in nature.
Lele is the italian responsible who runs and constantly improves many aspects of the village with the precious help of volunteers. He is an expert about permaculture and can help you change some parts of your way of thinking towards a more eco-friendly way.
An important part of the experience is the community: you live all day with 5-15 people, creating geat relationships and there's time for some fun hikes.

2 months ago

United Kingdom


My time here was not what I expected, on my first day I asked Lele what needed doing, and he said “observation is the first rule of permaculture, look around and see what needs doing”. This was very disheartening because I did not know if there were any rules or methods in place, where any tools or equipment was kept, nor was I instructed of my exact workload. Another thing is it’s very rural and therefore difficult to leave, there is a small shop nearby but I felt very isolated here. The other volunteers were lovely and we spent many evenings playing card games, both dogs were sweet too.

3 months ago

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