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On our farm and in our mini Boutique hotel, we made world better place with tourism, regenerative agriculture and permaculture. Guvno is a Little Paradise for all nature lovers and a Little Paradise where your volunteers could live and share Experience with us.

Begore I started working in tourism, I was a journalist on state television, publicist and columnist, now I have dedicated myself to working in nature and working in tourism. Your volunteers can expect a lot of understanding and love from me, as well as the possibility to sublimate and transfer all my knowledge to them.


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I really enjoyed my time at Guvno. The place is beautiful and the nature around too. Nina is a great host and made the stay easy and fun! The job is really easy and quite entertaining once you get the hang of it. But even tho it’s beautiful, it’s really far from any city/town and supermarkets, so if you don’t drive or have a big budget for taxis, you can’t do much, except for hiking or staying in. It’s not an experience for the people that want to socialize and see the cities, but if you’re looking for a place to disconnect from the world and connect with nature i would recommend it a lot!

9 months ago



Working at Guvno has been amazing, the hours are great, the tasks are simple and the place is dreamy. Nina is the greatest gift I can take away from the experience, she is sweet and understanding, but she is also surrounded by an amazing group of people.

9 months ago

Nina replied

thank you wonderful girl, all the praises.
You have a wonderful character, behavior and dedication to work. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with you. ❤️



Nina has an amazing property, the nature is beautiful and she has lovely animals. Nina had welcomed us warmly and did her best to make us feel at home. We did the breakfast from 8-12 everyday. She arranged a lot of thing for us to do in the area since her property is a quite remote, which we enjoyed a lot. However we did stumble upon some problems later on. She likes things a certain way and sometimes did not communicate that clearly/directly to us. Nina always wants the best for her guests and works very hard. Despite leaving a bit earlier we had a good time!
Greetings Janieke and Thessa

10 months ago

Nina replied

I tried to do everything that was best for you, but unfortunately I did not feel that you were open-hearted and open-minded for acquiring new knowledge and getting used to working under pressure and changes. I certainly wish you the best in life. ❤️

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