Government Middle School, Janauli

My beautiful home is situated at DLF valley (in the outskirts of Panchkula city) surrounded by Morni hills at the bank of a river. Forest area, for hiking or tracking, is only 20-30 minutes walk away. Two good hill stations 1) Morni hills ( places like Tikkar Lake) (in Haryana) and 2) Kasauli (in Himachal Pradesh) are only around 45 minutes drive away from here. The capital of Haryana and Punjab, Chandigarh (The city beautiful) is only 30 minutes drive away from my place. There are lots of beautiful places worth visiting are under one hour drive away. In DLF valley club, the facilities like Table tennis, Tennis, Vollyball, Bedminton, Swimming pool, Bar, Cafe, Restaurant etc. are available. Staying with a local family would provide the first hand experience of Indian culture. The Government Middle School in Janauli village is also situated in the lap of Morni hills. There are only 59 lovely kids from nearby villages and 6 teachers in the school. The villagers are very peaceful people who would love to interact with volunteers and so are their children (students) who are very curious, easy to connect and eager to learn along with that very respectful as well. So far I came across two types of volunteers in India, one who come, stay and after visiting, decide "they never gonna visit India again" and other who come, visit and after it, they can never stop themselves to visit here again and again. It's your turn to find out...

In GMS school Janauli, there are 5 teachers and 1 school head in teaching staff and two female cooks for preparing mid day meal of the school. All the people are peaceful, cooperative and will love to interact with the volunteers. The treatment depends on both sides, Iam pretty sure about good treatment from school staff and rest is upto the volunteers.

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