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We are a small reforestation, land regeneration, and natural farming project in the cloud forest. We are active in our community and on our farm. Trees, plants animals, good people, gratitude, and good experiences are our passion here. We cook great vegetarian meals. We make many basics like ketchup, vinegar, natural sodas, and sauerkraut instead of buying them.

We love ethical, kind, and responsible people.
We are looking for positive, independent, motivated people who know how to take initiative. People who can appreciate a laid-back, fun, rustic, simple lifestyle.

We are followers of the Way (Yeshua) and believe in the care taking of the earth, its creatures, and one another. We also are happy to hold space for people who want to seek the Creator and fast in nature if that is an interest.

Planting seeds, maintaining land, and learning about organic pest management and soil health is part of day-to-day life. The farm currently has cats, dogs, chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks, cuy, and rabbits. We are passionate about reforestation, biodiversity, and soil health.

We are located in an area of Peru famous for being the main producer of tea in the country. It is less than a 4-hour drive from Cusco and just 3 from the Sacred Valley. We are trekking distance to Machu Picchu OR just a short 2-hour walk along the hydroelectric path which is just 75 minutes away by car.

Some things we do:
Reforestation: seed collecting, building beds to plant seedlings + planting trees.
Art projects: murals, pottery + others.
Animal care: we love animals.
Small Scale Spirulina, Tea and Coffee Production.
Organic Gardens + Trees: We cultivate, care for + harvest citrus fruits, several exotic fruits + some vegetables.
We grow and prepare our own coffee.
We hand-roll our very own oolong tea.
Soil Care - hugelkulture.
Plant Identification.
Visiting elderly neighbors + helping them.
Cooking - food preservation: fermentation, dehydration.

Note: No drugs or alcohol are permitted here.
We are creating a space here that only plays music that makes plants grow.
There are many studies about the effect of music on plants as well as Masaru Emoto's studies with water. Our bodies are made from soil, fed by plants and mainly water. Our study is to see, how over time, only playing positive music effects the farm and us. Thank you for honoring that while you are here. If you feel you cannot honor this, please choose another place to volunteer.

PLEASE NOTE: It is just me running my project with some support. In whatsapp or email please do not expect a bunch of chatty, long winded philosophical messages. Feel free to remind me if you need a reply.

We do not give farm tours to every volunteer that arrives. A full tour takes over a half day and often we do not have the resources to provide that.

We generally have 2 types of volunteers: specialists and general volunteers. Specialists generally work on unique projects that are in alignment with their education or careers. For example botanists may help us with plant studies. General volunteers maybe experiencing their first work on the farm and the tasks are often limited too easier things like making orange juice, weeding, painting, collecting dead wood, moving rocks, perhaps cleaning. Many things can only be taught over time and our primary education style is lifestyle based.

Mindset. This is a self funded nonprofit with the intention of doing good. Please come with the mindset of how can we help you? We are here to do our best to provide a safe, positive and memorable experience. Keep in mind that we are not a paid educational experience, a paid hotel and that we have to be mindful of resources, one of which is time. We have found a very small number of volunteers have expectations that we cannot meet, especially if you are coming with no experience.

When you come we recommend just hopping into what we are doing. We hope what we are working on may inspire you to do greater research. Fermented foods, permaculture, hugelkulture, reforestation - these topics a lifetime of study can be devoted to. We do have classes and workshops but at this time they are unscheduled and there may or may not be one during your stay.

If you are a first timer with just 2 weeks on the farm please be considerate of our time resources and be prepared to do basic tasks, sometimes without deep explanation beforehand. Like thank you, can you help us weed this flower bed or move this wood to here. We are hoping people enjoy their experience because we enjoy our volunteers so we want to be clear about expectations.

We love our volunteers <3 We work to help create great memories. We have a full time local crew and volunteers help them with different tasks. Our local pueblo is a lovely farming community. Many volunteers meet people in town and participate in activities including sports and festivals. Spanish is a primary language here at the farm. Please speak some Spanish, be open to learning Spanish or be very ok with using Google translate. I speak English/Spanish but work with locals who speak Spanish and Quechua. Some days I am not available because I have a business abroad.


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This is an incredible project and a great opportunity to learn about farming and permaculture practices
Sarah is passionate, dedicated and has some unique rules but allows the volunteers to be independant while incorperating their skills and ideas. The animals are great, the local employees are amazing and all the other travellers I volunteered with were incredible.
If you have the option this experience is a must!

1 day ago



Thank God, it was another wonderful experience for us. The only thing I regret is that, because we don't speak English and speak little Spanish, this greatly reduces our interaction between all the other volunteers and hosts. Even so, everyone tried to talk to us and always paid attention to us. Sarah is a person of faith and God-fearing and we had several opportunities to pray together, becoming a wonderful bond. Sarah, I appreciate your kindness, generosity, and awareness. Big hug to dear Nelida, Pascoala, Rosa and Mr Francisco. The kittens and dogs in the house are blessings

25 days ago



Thank God we found a person of faith, with a beautiful relationship with God, so coexistence is pleasant and prosperous, because, where there are people talking with and about God, there is Peace and harmony. Sarah is very generous, conscientious and makes everyone feel comfortable and good. She knows how to recognize and praise our actions. I recommend it for several experiences. We also leave a lot of affection to her assistants Nelida, Pascoala, Rosa and Sr. Francisco, they are excellent people. Thank you all so much for everything and we will continue to pray for Sarah, her home and h

25 days ago



Creo que Guardián Farm es un lugar muy bello, de mucha naturaleza, Sarah y Nelly realmente son personas que te harán sentir en confianza y familia, conocí a otros voluntarios que me cayeron muy bien y los recordaré siempre. Todo muy bello, espero volver pronto y seguir compartiendo y aprendiendo, GRACIAS GUARDIANES!!!!

about 1 month ago



My experience was very rewarding, Sarah is a kind, generous person. The farm is very cozy, with abundant nature and the team of workers are always open to teach volunteers how to do the tasks properly. I have a special affection for Nelli and Pascuala, it was wonderful to meet them. Another positive point is food, the farm offers a variety of delicious foods, and Sarah always shares her amazing recipes with the team. It's a truly gastronomic experience. We will miss you all! Including the house pets, guardian Obi, Siete, and all the kittens.

2 months ago

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